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Shakira (featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Loca (Freemasons Remix)

When Shakira sings "...and I'm crazy but you like it...", in the song Loca, it quickly becomes the one lyric or statement all year that I could not agree with more. I know I've said it many times in passing or postings that the singer is all sorts of batshit weird, which somehow humanizes her to the level that I think she and I would be really great friends, but it bears repeating that yeah, she's a little off, and further proof of that is this entire song, video, and now with a pretty sexy and grinding mix from Freemasons, we have even more time to revel in the ridiculous.




mp3: Shakira (featuring Dizzee Rascal) - Loca (Freemasons Remix)




HURTS - Wonderful Life (new video!)

Because attempting to gain any sort of trans-Atlantic success obviously means not just shooting your music videos in black and white...






mp3: HURTS - Wonderful Life (Freemasons Radio Edit)



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