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Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On (new video!)

After catching wind of this nice new jawn earlier this week, Katy B and her RinseFM backers released the official video clip of Lights On, the singer's new single, which features the equally talented Ms. Dynamite's spit stylin'. Easily my most played track this week, and it's a no brainer as to why: any song about dancing and not wanting to stop chalks right at the top of my list. Also, the beat and bending vocals kinda slay face. Big ups to Geeneus and Zinc on the production tip.




So now, here are your visuals, which frankly are on the underwhleming side, but in doing so, at least gives us the complete song to listen and love as opposed to that radio rip we sneakily posted a few days back...cause that's just annoying for everyone.


Video first. Complete track after.








mp3: Katy B (featuring Ms Dynamite) - Lights On




Katy B - Louder

London's firecracker, Katy B, is on somewhat of a hot streak, thanks to super support from the dudes on the RinseFM tip, like Geeneus, Benga and Zinc. The latter's provided her with the greatest present in the form of a twinkling into twurking arrangement, in which she waxes her woes over said slinky tones. The song is Louder. Or as I like to call it, "oh you know, that one song I play about 25 times a day". Pretty sure you'll agree with that sentiment.



Everything starts off pretty stat quo with lovely vocals and a sprinkling of shiny accoutrements, and then the :40 mark hits and off we slide into a wobbly and bass-y kick in the pants. It's like rubber room radness and I'm bouncing off the walls...cause this underlining has got me in "ol' crazy beast" mode. 


I shall continue to play this many more times with no end in sight. Best. Song. Today.


Video is new too...so check out Ms. B kickin' shit with her girls. Aces.




mp3: Katy B - Louder



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