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Banksy Documentary - Exit Through the Gift Shop (watch the first 5 minutes!)

Much earlier this year, we geeked out over the trailer for the upcoming Banksy documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Now, with a full 5 minutes of the beginning of this months release, we have every right and rad reason to keep on grinning.




While the project was being touted as a feature film by street artist Banksy, the film actually has no credited director. The film starts out as a documentary by a video camera-obsessed Frenchman named Thierry Guetta. With a love for street art, and connections into the scene, Thierry sets out to capture the most elusive street artist...Banksy.


Naturally, the film becomes something much different, and far more elaborate. Screenings in NYC begin on April 16 at the Sunshine Theater and Lincoln Plaza.


Watch the first 5 minutes below. 






mp3: Gift of Gab - Way of the Light



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