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Baths - Pop Song (new song!)

Bummersville, USA. That's where I was living last weekend as I missed out on Baths final CMJ show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, but frowns are turning upside down today because the gentle gentleman from Chatsworth, CA is still kicking it in our hood, holed up in his temporary place of residence, making new tunes. We'll gladly take that as a consolation prize any day of the week.




From his words, via Facebook, straight from awesometown: "♥ ♥ NEW SONG ♥ ♥ totally sketch thing that i did last night in the apartment where I'm staying in brooklyn. super pop + super simple, hence the title. enjoy :D"


He's right. Except for the sketch part. I'd substitute that with sublime.


Enjoy Pop Song below.




mp3: Baths - Pop Song




My Gold Mask Hit NYC with 2 Shows in September

And one of them you must definitely attend! The other, well, it's a little more "chi chi" but it speaks volumes on top of the praise we've dosed them with over the past 2 years. Yes, we'll never forget My Gold Mask, the incomparably nice and nifty duo from Chicaggo, when they make it on to the tips of everyone's tongues. We'll just wag our fingers and say, "hey, we knew them when...", and recall that one time, we ate grilled cheese sandwiches, Pringles, and bananas as a late night post-show meal together. Oh memories of CMJ '09.



The first of two late summer shows in NYC takes place at the flagship Phillip Lim store as part of Fashion's Night Out during Fashion Week on Friday, September 10, and the other locks in at Glasslands on Saturday, September 11. So go. You will not regret the decision.

The Fashion Week inclusion is appropriate for this band, as recently Gretta was recognized for being a trendsetter in rock fashion style by Blackbook Magazine, who said "Gretta Rochelle's fleshy voice ranges from milky to primal screams. Her look, much like her sound, is one part electro, one part witch-doctor, one part Indiana Jones adventuress, with face paint and wild eye makeup." Amazing!


Also, you're going to want to tune in to East Village Radio on Thursday, September 9, because no trip to NYC is complete for this couple without hitting up and high-fiving this hand. MGM will come on to Belly of the Beast (8-10pm ET) for an interview and special acoustic performance. If you find yourself strolling the streets of lower Manhattan, swing by the booth and give these kids a handshake. They deserve it.


mp3: My Gold Mask - All Up In The Air



Beastly Bits #128

Let's just do this, yeah?







Wyclef to run for president of Haiti. link


Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire make a sci-fi. link


Metric plays for free at Prospect Park tomorrow. Go, because I can't. link


Penguin Prison, Gobble Gobble, Elite Gymnastics, Gold Zebra, and Computer Magic play Glasslands on September 12. link


Today's obsession comes courtesy of Sydney's The Gripp. Taking the hot as all hell track, New People in Town, from Italy's Amari, this new producer swooped right into a beastly opening in my heart. This goes on repeat. All day long. Oh...you can grab it for free below too.


mp3: Amari - New People in Town (The Gripp Remix)



My Gold Mask - Dancing On My Own (Live Robyn Cover with video!)

Oh man you guys...this is precisely the kind of email I love to get. My Gold Mask, our buddies Jack and Gretta from Chicago, are back in Beastonia with a superb rendition of our gal Robyn's Dancing On My Own. On top of that, we've got video to share of it...AAAAANNND the duo's headed back to NYC later this summer for a show. Just....YES.



Without beating around this beastly bush too much, how's about we toss you some details, and the video.


My Gold Mask played the cover live at Chicago's Hideout on June 26 and had some fans shoot video of it. Then, their pal John LeSanche edited it all together. AMAZING.


MGM play Glasslands on September 11 with Zambri and Twin Shadow. Go! My only request is that during this pop through the city, we definitely get these two in the EVR studio now that I'm a massive huge big radio star. Jokes.....I'm not really. But you know, I sill wanna hit that heat with ya!




mp3: My Gold Mask - Dancing On My Own (Live Robyn Cover)





Win Tickets to Caribou, Class Actress and Teengirl Fantasy at Glasslands on July 16!

Hey, here's a question for you. What are you doing on Friday, July 16...and your answer better be "I'm going to the Caribou, Class Actress, Teengirl Fantasy, Diamond Rings and Idiot Glee show at Glasslands". And if that's not your first spew-out, then let me help you change that by dishing out 2 tickets to the event. Electro-dance-party-fun and GO!



Here's the rub: Friday, July 16 will see the aforementioned acts strut their stuff on the Glasslands stage for the monthly PopGun Party (please note: Caribou is a DJ set). Doors are at 8:30pm and tickets are only $10 if you RSVP here.


Or you can enter to win 2 tickets...making you and your pal's wallets a little less light. Which in turn, saves you a few bones to buy me a beer to say thanks, right? Here's how to enter...


Simply copy, paste and send me the below message via twitter and you're entered. I'm dishing out one pair of tickets so get tweeting! Contest will remain open until 5pm Thursday, July 15, so you have a week to hit me with those tweets! 


yo @sheenabeaston make my gun go pop by handing me the tickets to see @caribouband, @classactress and more @theglasslands on july 16!


(hint: you have to be following me on the birdaliciously rad social app, so I can Direct Message winner with all the pertinent info)


mp3: Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs (Green Go Remix)






Zola Jesus: Midnight Madness at Glasslands

Can you say sweat? Can you say breathtaking? How's about a tip o' the cap to dark and daunting tales spun and sung by a talented twenty one-year old? Done, done, and done...and that encapsulates what we were privy to this past Saturday night at Glasslands, as local lass Zola Jesus, née Nika Roza, commanded a packed house of captivated concertgoers.



Armed with a brief knowledge of ZJ's music and mannerisms, it was natural of me to go into the evening with a slew of preconceived notions and ideas. Sure, there's her EPs and LPs to familiarize oneself with, along with a few videos to capture the visual essence, but with this having been my first attempt to see her live, I'm quite pleased that each "pre-viewing" judgement went by the wayside.


Firstly, it's no lie that the gal's got a distinctly deep, dark and daring voice. But live, she powers through each song with an almost careful trepidation that proves to be both highly exciting and equally intriguing. Also, if you're expecting the signature black hair, that's been left aside as well, as the singer is now sporting a platinum blonde tangle of tresses.


Most impressively, Zola Jesus banks on the intense musicality and showmanship between frontwoman and her backing crew. Definitely Beaston-approved and a must-see for fans of scintillatingly-impassioned musicians.






mp3: Zola Jesus - Night



Lissy Trullie Shatters the Ceiling at Glasslands

Long fans of the NYC-via-DC native, Lissy Trullie, Friday March 26 saw this Beast brave bitter weather, a nasty head cold and draining technology to catch a late night set from the copper headed chanteuse. Thankfully, our efforts were not in vain as the rad rocker and her band turned out a sharp set, played to a packed crowd that saw the likes of St. Vincent, members of The Strokes, Chairlift and every other hip city kid in attendance.


With but a simple 6 track EP that came out early last year, and saw an outing later in 2009 for the UK audience, Trullie wrangled a set of steady fans with tracks like Self Taught Learner and Boy Boy. The precise cover of Hot Chip's Ready For the Floor was an instant attention grabber as well.

As for the live performance, Lissy and the lads are warranted the same respect given to recorded songs. At times meshing between early 60s motown vibes with a beach rock touch, the band offered up crisp renditions of cuts from the EP, along with a few newer tunes. Proving that she's got the balls to bang it out with the boys, Trullie led her troupe through a slick set that had many a fan excited for what the talented titian will do next. (full set of pictures can be found here)

Set list as follows.

Forget About It

Ready For the Floor

Don't to Do


Self Taught Learner

You Bleed You


Boy Boy






mp3: Lissy Trullie - Forget About It

mp3: Lissy Trullie - Ready For the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)


MNDR, Zambri and Tayisha Busay Crushed Glasslands

What's the perfect remedy for a freezing cold Thursday in late January? A hot lineup of three of the most unique and talented Brooklyn acts warming up our bodies and souls at the monthly traveling party, Crush. This month, Zambri, MNDR and Tayisha Busay took to Glasslands with a fistful of fire ready to make us sweat and sway.



The punky, poppy and all around purely-energetic trio of Taysiha Busay kicked off the night with exciting antics and even more thrilling songs. This being the first we'd seen them live, it was a treat to see a fairly full room of kids getting down to their infectiously-entertaining songs.



Suggested listening: Soul Power and French Song. Tayisha Busay play Don Hill's on February 6. More information here.


Up next, MNDR took the stage with her one-woman wrecking ball of a set. Having seen the gal twice prior, we knew exactly what we were in for and couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. Powering through booty-shakers like C.L.U.B. and Sparrow, MNDR also has the chops to make you feel feelings...with songs like I Go Away. Generally speaking, we're still in complete swoon-mode since first catching her last year during CMJ.



Suggested listening: Fade to Black and C.L.U.B. MNDR is on tour with Yacht beginning February 16. Dates and info here.


Rounding out the evening was "no strangers to the Beastly-words", Zambri. We've long been singing their praises, and as hard as it is to believe, this was the first we'd had a chance to catch them live. If you thought you were moved by their recorded tracks, then I'd urge you to check them out live, as their performance is polished, dynamic and ready to bust onto a scene of great mass appeal. What a treat to catch them in fine live form.



Suggested listening: w/Somebody and Bang for Changes. Zambri play Union Pool on February 17. Info here.


mp3: Zambri - Easier

mp3: MNDR - C.L.U.B.

mp3: Tayisha Busay - French Song (Nite Club Remix)


Win Tickets to see MNDR + Zambri + Tayisha Busay at Glasslands!

I simply do not believe that there could be a radder trifecta of acts coming together on one night. Who cares if it's stupid-freezing outside when MNDR, Zambri and Tayisha Busay are set to collectively warm you up with their individually unique and superiorly styled brands of fire!


I've writ a bit (read: a lot) about MNDR and Zambri over the course of the past year, so I'll use this slot of space to introduce you to Tayisha Busay. The Brooklyn-based trio are the self-proclaimed "best electronic dance band you can possibly experience". Mixing the classy with the trashy, when the outfit isn't rolling around in piles of glitter and beaming out ridiculous lyrics, they are cuddling their keyboards and grinding up on their synthesizers.

With all three femme-fueled acts set to appear at Glasslands on Thursday, January 21 (ticket info here), there's no better way to show how much we dig all of them then by letting you join in on the fun...for free! I'm giving away two (2) pairs of tickets to the event. See below for details how to enter.


 Simply copy, paste and send me the below message via twitter and you're entered. Contest will remain open up 5pm on Monday, January 18.

yo @sheenabeaston i want to riot with you @mndr @zambri and @tayishabusay on january 21 @theglasslands so hook me up!


mp3: Tayisha Busay - French Song (Nite Club Remix)

mp3: Zambri - wSomebody (The Model Remix)

mp3: MNDR - Jump In

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