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Gossip and Rye Rye Heat up NYC at Terminal 5

On a super mega rad warm April night in New York City, one could only dream that the beautiful weather was about as good as it was going to get. Unbeknown to those not inside Terminal 5 this past Friday, a super billing of Phenomenal Handclap Band (who, sadly, we missed thanks to downtown pre-show activities), Rye Rye and Gossip were geared up and ready to take the mercury past a fiery fever.



Jumping straight into the pit for the always energetic Baltimorian's opening set, we caught our favorite nonstop rap and hopper, Rye Rye. With her debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, finally (hopefully) slated for a later this year release, she powered through favorites like Hardcore Girls and Bang. Sporting a N.E.E.T. mesh top and a pair of jorts (hey, so were we!) the gal got the crowd super amped for the main attraction.


Having first seen Gossip late last year, I'm one of the "newer converts" to their massive fan-base. While I'd always peripherally enjoyed their music, I was lost on the fanaticism as I dug it, but wasn't always a "go-to staple of repeated disc plays" in my repertoire. Their live show, on the other hand, is something to witness. Packed to the seams, the floors of Terminal 5 shook as concert-goers moved nonstop and sang along with each word that front-woman Beth Ditto poured out of her with unmistakable force. 


Rounding out a 14-song set with the anthemic, Heavy Cross, the band made their way back on stage for a special encore rendition of Grace Jones' Pull Up to the Bumper. Truly rad indeed!


Full set lists of both acts after these images.





Rye Rye Set List
Art School Girls
Hardcore Girls
Rock Off Shake Off
Witch Doctor
Exotic On The Speaker
Shake It To The Ground


Gossip Set List
Your Mangled Heart
Pop Goes The World
Four Letter Word
Listen Up
8th Wonder
Don’t Make Waves
Dimestore Diamond
Love Long Distance
Fire Sign
Standing In The Way Of Control
Yesterday’s News
Men In Love
Heavy Cross
(Encore) Pull Up To The Bumper



mp3: Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)

mp3: Rye Rye - Witch Doctor


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