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Beastly Bits #118

Today's going to be a busy one. Know how? I've already busted out 4 posts prior to the bits...which, generally speaking, is the initial post each and every day.




It ain't first, but it's still good...now excuse me, whilst I go wipe the sweat from my freneticishist typing fingers.



Arcade Fire announced they will stream their August 5 show at Madison Square Garden online. link


Shit Robot, the godfather of DFA Records, will be releasing his debut album on September 21. I've heard it and it's massive and you can have a remix of I Found Love from TBD. Yes.


Kele's US tour dates shifted. Get the new lot here.


Free Miss TK & The Revenge and Lemonade show with special Au Revoir Simone DJ set on July 27. RSVP here. Open bar from 9:00 - 10:30pm too.


Grace Potter & the Nocturnals unveil the official clip for Paris (Ooh La La). It's pretty sexy and I'm still 100% in love with this song. link


mp3: Shit Robot - I Found Love (TBD Remix)




Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - Paris (Ooh La La) [live on The Tonight Show]

Attention: this is 100% amazing. Between the signature coos and howls, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals ripped through a live rendition of Paris (Ooh La La) on last night's The Tonight Show. To all budding musicians and performers, please take note; THIS is how you wow. Class is in session.


The band's self-titled album is available now.





mp3: Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Paris (Ooh La La)




Beastly Bits #91

As promised earlier, here are today's most official and most beastliest of bits.


Tons of real kid work was done today, in order to prepare for a day out of the office tomorrow thanks to a date with Christina Aguilera. Yep, I'm going to go check out her live performance, and shit yeah, I'm pretty pumped. In the interim, get nasty with these nuggets of nice nice.


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' self-titled album is out today, and it is very very good. link


Lady Gaga debuted her new video for Alejandro earlier today. link


White Arrows are playing Mercury Lounge on June 22. Get a ticket here.


Back in November, we debuted Sky Ferreira's cover of Stevie Nicks' Stand Back. Today, we've got Skeet Skeet's Big Room Mix to offer up. Grab it below.


Casiokids' debut, Topp stemning på lokal bar, is out in the States today. Go grab it here, cause it's a summer must-own and definitely Beaston-approved.


mp3: Lady Gaga - Dance In the Dark (Monarchy Stylites Remix)

mp3: Sky Ferreira - Stand Back (Skeet Skeet Big Room Mix)


Grace Potter and The Nocturnals - Tiny Light (new video!)

Hot hell on heels. That's how we're describing Grace Potter and The Nocturnals' latest video for Tiny Light. The song begins with a whisper and a promise of the raucous jam session that's about to unfurl as the track escalates into a full throttle belting beast of a tune. And we're tossing out the video too...because it makes us want to go on a vacation in the California desert. 



Tiny Light is the first single off the band's upcoming self-titled album, due out June 8. The video sees the band take a trek through said sandy trails, and is directed by Paul Minor, whose previous work includes clips for Muse, The Editors and Queens of the Stone Age.


Love the song, dig the video, and I definitely feel like taking a Fear and Loathing-inspired road trip now.


Who's with me?




mp3: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Tiny Light (Live)

mp3: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Paint it Black (Rolling Stones cover)



Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

A lot has been made of the utterly disastrous soundtrack for the upcoming Burton-feature film, Alice in Wonderland. One cut you simply cannot lump with the rest, however, is the sensational cover of White Rabbit (fitting), that the Vermont-bred Grace Potter and the Nocturnals offer up on the disc.


At their Burlington Waterfront Show in 2009, GPatN performed a live rendition of the song. Their cover really starts to get gritty around the 1:47 mark, and again at the 2:02 spot when a gnarly guitar riff makes a tidy home behind Potter's huskily-lovely vocals. The recorded version of the song is featured on the aforementioned soundtrack.


Watch the clip now.



mp3: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

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