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Graffiti6 Have a Stone in Their Heart and a Special Message for Sheena Beaston

Often, the best ideas come when you rip up the rulebook and follow what feels good. Just ask Graffiti6. The unlikely pairing of producer TommyD (he's worked with Kanye, Jay-z, Kylie and Janet!) and singer/songwriter Jamie Scott began 18 months ago as an experiment neither thought would work and has grown in a pop project so refreshingly rule-free a sense of adventure seeps from every song.



Pairing classic harmonies with a touch of "down home" ditties, the band is one who is sure to soon turn a few heads. Having just released their debut EP back in March, this 4-track sampler gives audiences an idea of who and what Graffiti6 is all about. As mate Tommy notes: "To me, Graffiti6 is party music....[but] everything about this band is a happy accident. Even now, we’re trying to plan as little as we can. It has to stay fresh."


On their initial offering, which you can purchase here, you'll find the track Stone In My Heart, a soulfully-throttling romp that is one part "O Brother Where Art Thou" and two parts "get it on up on the dance-floor".


The lads recorded an exclusive acoustic version of the track, and gave us a rad to the max shout out in the clip. Watch below!




mp3: Graffiti6 - Stone In My Heart



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