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Sia - Bring Night

Everyone needs a current song to crush on, and if you don't have one at the moment, then I'm offering up mine for you to partake in. Previously having featured 6 new Sia tracks, all of which you can stream on her official site, this one in particular has been played a grotesque amount of times in thine fair Beastonia. And when I say grotesque, I mean that in the most 100% complimentary way possible.



Produced by the mighty hand of Greg Kurstin, Sia's Bring Night is a gem of an arrangement. Highlighting her signature vocal inflections with a quirky 50s girl group meets modern pop undertone, there's simply no denying the catchiness of this cut.

We're particularly fond of the "oooh oh oh oh's"...and well, basically everything else about this smashing tune. Get ready to obsess. 

Sia's We Are Born is out June 8.


mp3: Sia - Bring Night

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