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Tuesdays in May: Hannah Rad DJ Residency at the ACE Hotel in NYC

Forgot to post this bad boy last week, but lucky for us, there are 5 (five!) Tuesdays in May, and tonight, much like I did seven short days ago, will take to the tables at the ACE Hotel lobby bar again to spin jams for some hot hours. Check it out and come by between 8p-12a, give me a high five, and I'll buy you a drink. RAD STUFF!




And yes, you're seeing that song on the real as below. Grab it. It's still good.




mp3: Cassidy & R Kelly - Hotel



"Breaking" Update: HP, Beats by Dr. Dre and Sheena Beaston (and new edit!)

As I've simply been swarmed with a load of new developments in what some (and by some, I mean, me) may call a "rad little life", guilt has washed over me in the fact that I haven't checked in or dished out any new updates and thoughts (and free stuff for you) in regards to the HP ENVY Beats Edition system I've been rocking in my daily Beastonian adventures. And sure, excuses are a dime a dozen, but c'est la. So here are some words, and keep reading, cause I'm going to tell you something really awesome. Seriously.


Beasts broken beats


The anticipated inevitable finally ocurred earlier this week. In taking great care of the Beats headphones (due to the "one piece plastic" curvature design), I'd always been a little wary of the construction, and thusly quite delicate with them... seemingly doomed to fail, I made it 3 solid months before, when in an act of simply and gently removing said 'phones from headspace, a gruesome "cccrrrracckkkk" was heard. Being that I was on the subway at the time, my heart sank, cause a train ride sans music, is one I never want to know. Valiant temporary electrical tape reparations aside (see image above), this pair of Beats now, sadly, lay unusable.


In lappytop news though... all's well in that world. I found a super slim and light backpack on Canal St (lol) that comfortably fits the machine and takes the weight off my back when in transport. Biggest plus and positive for me remains the speed and space offered of the Beats ENVY. I feel like I've downloaded more new music in the past month or so than ever before, yet there's still a load of free hard drivery to keep me amped.


Here's the important thing you need to know: I'm giving away a full machine, eventually, not yet, but soon. If you wanna "play like the Beast", then keep checking back here or follow me on the twitter. This computer is Beaston aproved, and I want you to get rad like me.


Ok, new mixxy edit thing time. Go!




mp3: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes - Hannah Rad Edit)


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