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Estelle Darlings and DJ Trauma Present: #ialmostmadeamixtape

Is that a hashtag as a mixtape name? BIG UPS Estelle! And DJ Trauma of course. Who knew the British songstress was even making a mixtape as of late? I surely didn't, but hey, here we go into spinnin' and listenin' time.



#ialmostmadeamixtape is 16 cuts of nearly all new material, with some familiar beats and hooks dropped in for added flavor. #ialmost didn't download this, but I'm glad I did. It's been sound-tracking my afternoon like a boss. This prefaces her "coming later this year" disc, All of Me.


Download the mixtape here. Track list is below, and some fun slices of awesomeness from the release are after that.


1. #almostanintro
2. Dear London
3. Fall in Love Remix (ft John Legend and Nas)
4. #almostafreestyle (ft Kardinal Offishall)
5. Keep It Like It Is
6. They Say (ft Maino)
7. Star
8. Dance With Me
9. The Rocks
10. No More
11. MainStream
12. Ghetto (ft Meek Wilson)
13. Until I Met You
14. Since I Came (ft Vaughn Anthony and The Tom Hardy)
15. Freak (Pon Di Floor Remix)
16. #almostanoutro



mp3: Estelle (featuring John Legend and Nas) - Fall In Love (Remix)

mp3: Estelle - Freak (Pon Di Floor Remix)

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