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Hercules and Love Affair - My House (new song!)

Vocals come from newcomer queen on the scene, Shaun Wright, and if your heart isn't hopping to this new house heater from Hercules and Love Affair, then I suggest cochlear implants to remedy your ailment.


Andy butler


My House.


My sweet babies, this is great.




mp3: Hercules and Love Affair - My House




Kim Ann Foxman - Creature (new single and video)

Whilst we patiently ever so impatiently wait for that "finished" Hercules and Love Affair album (supposedly due out January 31 in the UK...US details still pending), here's a little something something to tide us over in the meantime. H&LA member, Kim Ann Foxman, teamed up with band mate Andrew Butler for her debut single, Creature, out now on the latter's MR. INTL label.




Creature is at times minimal, at times large and surrounding, and all things deeply entrenched in classic house sounds while still remaining relevantly rad and currently cool. The package is available now on Beatport and includes a remix from Faze Action, along with the b-side What You Need, and subsequent mix for that jam by James Curd.


You can stream the full package below the freshly unveiled visuals for the single.







mp3: Andrew Butler and Jason Kendig - And Im (So in Love With You)




Interview: CockNBullKid Matures into Adulthood

I'm pretty pumped for CockNBullKid to release her debut album. I mean, it's only been 27+ months since I first started loving up on her tunes, so with much awaited and baited breath, I've been patient for the freshman full length. Adulthood will see daylight in February of the impending year [read = not soon enough] but we've waited this long, and what's a few more months to hold out for what will surely be a major player in my repertoire. To get ready and get amped for what's to come, chats are in order, and it's Beaston vs Bull in this installment.




CockNBullKid is currently on tour with Marina & the Diamonds and Kele. She's covered tracks by both artists, which you can grab for free here and here respectively. Also be sure to check out her cover of Rui de Silva's Touch Me over on her 'Space. Loving that. Even better, watch CNBK and Gonzales (her album collaborator and producer) doing a live cover of Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills here. Most amazing!




SB: Describe CocknBullKid. I know it's your music moniker, but if you had to classify that term/phrase as a noun, or a genre of music, what would the definition of it be?
CNBK: Crying till you laugh and laughing till you cry.


SB: Talk about your earliest influences in the musical world. Did you grow up playing instruments, listening to mom and dad's old records, or what sparked the notion that "hey I think I need to be making music."
CNBK: It sounds cliche but as long as I can remember I have been into music. My parents don't own a musical bone in their bodies so I'm really not sure. My dad played loads of records round the house, so that probably had some influence. I also went to pentecostal church with  my Mum and younger brother. Music was a big part of that. Asides from that, I have harboured this ambition to be a singer and a writer.


SB: Over the past 2 years, a good deal of buzz has started to flow throughout blogs and online publications about your music. What's your response to the good dose of praise that you've been given for the material already out there?
CNBK: For every gushing review there's one saying your hair is shit or whatever. I try not to take it too seriously. I don't want to sound ungrateful to the people who have supported me though. I'm not really famous yet so I haven't read anything too bad or hyperbolic yet. But let's see what I say this time next year!


SB: Your debut album is coming out in February 2011. Talk about the process...writing, recording, working with Gonzales, etc.... it's been over two years since you first came out with initial cut On My Own, so how has the music evolved from then til now with the new material on the disc?
CNBK: I feel my writing has come a long since I first released On My Own in 2007. I always wanted to do something bigger, the album is quite unashamed and I'm proud of that. I got to work with great people like Gonzales who I clicked with immediately. He helped me to get back my focus for writing lyrics. I worked with Peter from Peter Bjorn and John- the Scandic have a great sense of humour so I hope that came across in the songs we did together. The album has taken a while and at times it was hard but it was never dull. Liam Howe ended up doing the production on most of the tracks. He is a big kid trapped in a mans body. We also clicked really quickly and he's very easy to work with.


SB: What happens next? More writing, recording, performing, etc...
CNBK: The warm up single One Eye Closed is out in the UK on Nov 8, then I go on a nation wide tour with Marina and the Diamonds. Then I do a few dates supporting Kele Okereke. Next single will be out after that then the album in Feb. 


SB: Quick questions: please pick one of the two options of eac

David Bowie or Giorgio Moroder

Basquiat or Warhol
Steak or Shrimp
NYC, London or Paris
Dying to go to NY, I just know I will love it. But for now gonna stay patriotic and say London.

8-Bit or Vocoder

ABBA or Adriano Celentano
Abba! Obv.

Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel
Damn, love them both but I'll say Coco Chanel.

Spring or Fall

High Fives or Thumbs Up
High Fives

Computer or TV

Radio or Record Player
Record Player
Champagne or Shots
Champagne schweedie.




mp3: CockNBullKid - Misery (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)

mp3: CockNBullKid - One Eye Closed (Aspirins For My Children Remix)





Holy Ghost! - I Know, I Hear (new video!)

Holy Ghost! are quickly emerging (as if they aren't already known and loved) as a staple favorite of every cool kids' summer time lovin'. With a bit of pop, a ton of disco, and all the know-how to make you groove and move, these DFA dudes are primed to takeover the remaining year's seasons...thanks to a tour that kicks off today, along with a brand new video for I Know, I Hear.



HG!'s North American tour begins tonight at Washington DC's 9:30 Club, with headliners Chromeo. They'll come back through NYC on July 29 at Bowery Ballroom and later this summer on September 4 at PS1. Next Wednesday, August 4, finds the boys taking up with Hot Chip and Hercules and Love Affair, for SummerStage.


Now, the video for I Know, I Hear, which features Caroline Polachek of Chairlift on backing vocals in the black and white clip.


More tour info here.




mp3: Holy Ghost! - I Know, I Hear




La Roux - Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones Cover)

In case you were unaware, La Roux are prepping a mixtape called Sidetracked, that will be available via cd and digitally on July 26 (in the UK). This is part of Renaissance's series, in which Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair compiled the first effort.



As the two electro-heads note:


“Me and Ben (Langmaid) enjoyed putting this mix together. It’s a really nice snapshot of both our musical influences. A lot of the tracks on here are songs we listened to while making our album set alongside some new stuff we’re into…”


Here's your track list and below that, a special treat from the disc.


1. Japan - I Second That Emotion
2. Heaven 17 - Come Live With Me
3. Joyce Sims - (You Are My) All And All
4. Hally & Kongo Band - Afrikan Man
5. Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (D. Lissvik Version)
6. Doris Troy - Just One Look
7. Freur - Doot Doot
8. Jam Crew - Exotic Nations
9. Ellis, Beggs & Howard - Big Bubbles, No Troubles
10. Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond
11. Tears For Fears - Suffer The Children
12. Blancmange - What’s Your Problem?
13. I Blame Coco - Self Machine (Coconut Candy ‘No Need For Plastic Palm Trees’ Elly Jackson Remix)
14. Paul Haig - Big Blue World
15. Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (Seabastian Remix)
16. La Roux - Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones Cover)
17. Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line



mp3: La Roux - Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones Cover)



Beastly Bits #114

Today's a big one, eh? Yeah, yeah it is, and I could not be more excited...




...because Belly of the Beast on EVR starts tonight. Premiere, launch, beginnings, etc...RADNESS! But first, a full day of music. And bits... 


Ana Tijoux's 1977 is the free iTunes single of the week. We already loved it once, but now we can dig it some more, and you can too. Go get it here.


Donate to ASPCA and Tokyo Police Club will toss you the video and two remixes of Wait Up (Boots of Danger) from RAC and DOM. link


Foals announce a MySpace secret show...in Australia. link


Hercules & Love Affair give some music recommendations to Dazed before hitting London's Lovebox Festival this weekend. link


Couple of new and old fixers that II think you might like to own. They are below. They are awesome.


mp3: Ne-Yo (featuring Lady Gaga) - Beautiful Monster (Craig Vanity Mix)

mp3: Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (SRC Remix)

mp3: Peaches - Billionaire (Drums of Death Remix)



Nomi Ruiz (Jessica 6 and Hercules & Love Affair) Shares Live Track; Will Release Solo Album

Born and raised in Sunset Park, NY side by side with the rebellious growth of hip-hop, Nomi Ruiz began composing songs around heavy street samples at the age of 12. Her deep dreamy vocals and personal lyrical content found refuge in these raw arrangements, creating a unique brand of soul music, much along the lines of a road-worn version of Sade. 



Most recognized for being an integral part of the Hercules & Love Affair debut album/world tour as well as currently fronting the sexy dancepop outfit, Jessica 6, Ruiz takes a break from the dance floor and steps back to her roots. Nomi will perform material off her yet to be released album, Borough Gypsy, on Saturday, July 17, at Joe's Pub at 11:30pm. Tickets here.


This special rare solo performance includes a full band with the likes of: Morgan Wiley (piano/keys), Ben Tyree (guitar), Jim Orso (drums), Marlan Barry (cello), David Azzoni (turntables), Andrew Frawley (percussion), Phil Rodriguez (trumpet), Julio Monterrey (saxophone), and Kevin Farrell (bass).


Sounds rad! Check out a live rendition of Nomi's new song, Scarred, below.


mp3: Nomi - Scarred (Live)




Hercules and Love Affair Complete New Record

According to some late night/early morning tweets and blog posts from members of Hercules and Love Affair, we're treated to news that the NYC-based electro house troupe has completed work on their upcoming album. While other details still seem to be quite hush-hush, this bit of info alone is enough to make a beast like me grin all day long.


According to the band's official blog page, this is what the goings on entail...major yays!



last day in vienna. it has been a very colorful and interesting ride finishing this record. late nights and lots and lots and lots of work. big ups to patrick pulsinger for the hard work. and big ups to wolfram for the hospitality and laughter.  i will give one word to sum up the record: emotional.

kim ann, shaun j wright, aerea negrot, mark pistel and moi, andy butler, will see you on the road soon.


mp3: Hercules and Love Affair vs Fan Death - Blind Death (Immuzikation Blend)

mp3: Hercules and Love Affair - I Cant Wait


Beastly Bits #24

It's been dubbed "snowpocalypse", "armasleddon", and plenty of snOMG's have been thrown around...but I like to think of yesterday as a much needed break from our daily technological grind. Sure, we did a bit of work, chatted with a super rad dude for an interview to be featured later this month, and ultimately watched more seasons of TV on DVD than we could have asked for, but now it's time to get back up to speed.


To rectify our absenteeism yesterday, there's a ton of really great info below. Like a ton. A verifiable snow drift of songs and stuff. I went there.


Rihanna debuted her video for Rude Boy. Wink (2:34 mark) at me again girl! Watch the colorful romp here


Kissy Sell Out's debut album, Youth, is available in the US on March 22, but you can download an album sampler here.


Want details on MGMT's new album, Congratulations.  Pedestrian has the details.


RIP Alexander McQueen. The legendary fashion designer's work appeared on and in many musician's bodies of work, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna.


Want some fun disco dance music to throw down to tonight? Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler DJs at le poisson rouge, with our buddies, Finger on the Pulse, supporting. Info here.


Want to win tickets to a major music festival, courtesy of SPIN? They aren't naming which one, but free is always good, right? Enter here.


Talk about overcoming odds! Brooklyn band, Ambassadors, are hitting Santos with a comeback show on February 18, after their keyboardist, Casey Harris, went through kidney transplant surgery. Also, Harris has been legally blind (90% vision loss) since birth. Go ahead and complain about your life now. I'll wait.


mp3: Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut Mix) 

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