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Jay-Z Performed at Radio City for NIKE’s World Basketball Festival (full set video!)

NYC was definitely in full on Run This Town-mode last night, as Kanye West popped up at secret gig at The Box, Rihanna's Last Girl on Earth tour hit Madison Square Garden and H to the Izzo walked on stage at Radio City for a 33-minute set at the NIKE World Basketball Festival. Donned in all black everything (duh), Jay-Z brought out a half-hour of his finest material, and we've got the clips of the entire haps. 



Joined by guests Swizz Beatz, Bridgett Kelly and Memphis Bleek, the Roc boss tore up the legendary stage for the new fest, which introduced the WBF team showcasing skills and drills.


But we really just wanted to see the performance, and even though we couldn't be in attendance, there's video of the entire set. Super win.


Watch the 2 part piece now!






mp3: Jay-Z (featuring The Dap Kings) - 99 Problems (Prince Ballard Remix)



Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now (new song!)

Is this from Dark Twisted Fantasy, formerly known as Good Ass Job, aka Kanye West's forthcoming 5th studio album? That remains to be seen...but does not remain to be heard, because you can listen to See Me Now below.



Seems like the Beyonce and Charlie Wilson-featuring track will be included on the upcoming effort, as Yeezy dropped by Hot 97 with Angie Martinez earlier today to debut this album cut.


Give the feel-good track a listen now! 




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now



Kid Sister - Big N Bad (new video!)

And now I want to go roller skating....

Kid Sister always looks like she's having so much fun.




mp3: Green Velvet (featuring Kid Sister) - Everybody Wants




T.I. (ft Keri Hilson) - Got Your Back (new video!)

My birthday isn't for another six months, but I already know what I want: a revolving wall panel platform with a smooth dude on the other side. And we'll probably add on to that the fact that said man would have to recreate this video with me. Yep...facts. 



In real news...T.I. just unveiled his clip for Got Your Back, the sweet ditty he's done with Beaston-fave Keri Hilson. I'm so into the song, I dig the video, and I love these two artists on some next level ish. 


Join in my swoonfest by watching the visuals now. I got I got I got I got your back, boy!


T.I.'s King Uncaged is out August 16.





mp3: T.I. (ft Keri Hilson, Bow Wow and Birdman) - Got Your Back (Remix)




Nina Sky - The Other Side

Rolling right along with the Nina Sky train, they're hitting us with more free tunes and hell, they're so headed in the right direction, as this is a nonstop express all the way to my most played compilations.




After loving You Ain't Got It (Funk That) earlier this month, the twins are back with the second cut from their upcoming EP The Other Side. Here's what Natalie and Nicole have to say about the track and the project...


It's official, our EP is dropping via www.ninaskyhigh.com on August 3. We're super amped to FINALLY say with confidence we are releasing a new project and also, that we're doing it for FREE as a thank you to everyone who's continued to support our music and movement.

Here is the second single off of our project The Other Side, which is also the title track. It's produced by DJ Yonny and quite frankly, we love it! 


Yes, we do love it. Big ups!



mp3: Nina Sky - The Other Side


Nicki Minaj - Your Love (new video!)

It's the tale of jealous ninjas, say hey! Nicki Minaj just unveiled the clip for her Annie Lennox-sampling second official single, Your Love. The song itself is much lighter and smooth than any other Minaj drops yet we still love it all the same. And now with a new video, it's time to revisit how much we dig this tune.




The song's a definite finger-snapper and it's been circulating through my world on a number of playlists, much in the mode of "ooh yeah we be chillin' like dat", or something of the sort.


The video is sweet and samurai'd out, and I'm loving the use of the flowing fabric treatment. One question: who in their right mind gives Nicki a katana?! Spoiler alert: she dies, gracefully, all whilst bleeding red tulle.


Watch the video for Your Love now!




mp3: Nicki Minaj (featuring Gyptian) - Your Love (Remix)




Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez

Today's "just 'cause" post comes from Bei Maejor and Keri Hilson. The song is called Gamez, and it's got a nifty lil' Nintendo blip beat backing the sweet vocals of Ms. H and Mr. M, the latter of whom is fresh off his mix of Ciara's Ride.



Just cause I love Hilson so much...here's the song. Also, Maejor's doing some smooth work too. Not mad at this.


Plus, the Mario Bros. coin flip sound that bleeps out the "swears" in the chorus is 100% awesome.


mp3: Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez



Lyrics Born - Lies X 3 (new song!)

One of my favorite chill-out songs to come out this decade is Lyrics Born's Bad Dreams. The Bay area independent rap legend's song soothes my soul every time I spin it. Although it's been a bit quiet on the LB front as of late, the dude is back, and he's got a brand new single in anticipation of his next album, As U Were, which is due out this fall.



While most of his previous works had been based on a unique hip-hop foundation, the rapper's latest effort finds him in an alternatively-tinged synth-rock world. Lies X 3 pairs Lyrics Born's signature raspy singing style with a fresh new sound that's got me getting down all afternoon.


Definitely a hot one for the summer. Play this poolside, but first, don't forget to invite me to your swimming soirée, mmkay?


As U Were will be out October 26 via Decon.


mp3: Lyrics Born - Bad Dreams

mp3: Lyrics Born - Lies X 3



Win an iPod from DMC and Tekserve!

DMC and Tekserve have teamed up for a super rad contest, and they want to know what's on your playlist. In doing so, your submission acts as an entry to win a new iPod. It really doesn't get much easier than that, but if you'd like a little more info and a play-by-play as to how to get in on the goods, I got ya covered.




First, a bit of back story. DMC's got a new single, I Got More Songs Than You Do, which is a current take on the old homages to boomboxes, only in our digi-fied world, he's shouting out his love of iPods and how many tunes he's holdin'. He even filmed the video for the song in Tekserve. Smart!


Which brings us to the DMC WANTS 2 KNOW contest. You can enter by submitting a link to a 10-song playlist you've published as an iMix to the iTunes store. (if you don't no how to do so, don't worry, it's easy and instructions are on the contest page) There are three remaining theme periods (2 weeks each): the current one being rock (July 12-26), followed by workout (July 26-August 9), and finally, hip-hop (August 9-23).


To give you an example, you can check out the playlist I put together here. Also, I tossed the list of tracks below, "just 'cause", and I'm gonna do so during each genre's time. Winners (one in each genre...so 3 remaining), as selected by DMC, will receive a 160GB iPod Classic, custom engraved and autographed by DMC. Enter now!


Los Bravos - Black Is Black
The Cars - Just What I Needed
Andrew W.K. - Never Let Down
The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother
Faith No More - Epic
Alice In Chains - Rooster
The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
David Bowie - Queen Bitch



mp3: Los Bravos - Black Is Black


Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend

It's a new summa jam for you to bump and jump to! Thanks to the lovely tones of Chicago's Kid Sister and the Queens-bred twins of Nina Sky, the title of the track says it all, and yep, I'm now 100% ready for the weekend to begin. Any thoughts of being productive at work today have sufficiently flown the nest. Enter the fist [pumps].




Jumping on a track together seems like somewhat of a no-brainer. All three ladies have a distinct sound and style, yet they are highly complementary of one another. With the sassy street style of KS matching wits with the NS duo's house-cum-hip-hop vibe, Look Out Weekend quickly hits the apex of our "we don't wanna be at work no more" and "I've got the itch to ditch" playlists.


It should be noted that one, this is a remake of Debbie Deb's original tune, Lookout Weekend, and two, this collaboration is featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack (pre-order here), making this song the best by-product of the reality series, second only to the goddess that is Snooki.


Maybe they can enlist her for a track on the second season's soundtrack? One can dream. Til then, grab this jawn now!


mp3: Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend


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