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Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now (new song!)

Is this from Dark Twisted Fantasy, formerly known as Good Ass Job, aka Kanye West's forthcoming 5th studio album? That remains to be seen...but does not remain to be heard, because you can listen to See Me Now below.



Seems like the Beyonce and Charlie Wilson-featuring track will be included on the upcoming effort, as Yeezy dropped by Hot 97 with Angie Martinez earlier today to debut this album cut.


Give the feel-good track a listen now! 




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now



Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix)

My name is Sheena Beaston, and I am a Minaj-aholic. (this is where everyone says "Hi, Sheena!" and lovingly embraces me and then we eat donuts, drink coffee and talk about our issues) Having just writ about "Queens dimest" yesterday after video of a live performance surfaced, ol' Barbz is back with a new drop on a song that has been spinning like a never-ending top in our ears for quite a good portion of the year. Step 1 in recovery: focus on Gyptian. Here we go.



Last night, Nicki Minaj announced that a new remix would be spun by Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97. And spin he did, when he dropped Gyptian's summertime lovah jam, Hold Yuh, complete with an intro verse from the baddest and raddest chick in the game. (Hat tip to Nah Right for the find.)


Best line: "body smokin' // cigaREEET // shit nice /// figure EEEET // get 'em the rollerblades // tell 'em to SKEEET"


If that's not enough reggae romance for you, then check out Gyptian's video for the track. It's a whole lot of hip swerving sexiness.




mp3: Gyptian (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Hold Yuh (Remix) 


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