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Checking In Before We Do That Beastly Countdown Thing in a Few Days

Oh hi! Remember me? I barely do... considering the whirlwind'rishing sort of week we've had since right before Christmastime factivities and still continuing on through this moment. Seriously, this very minute right now. Neither here nor there, though, cause I was simply going to leave this space untouched til the new set of calendrical offerings, but that's not really fair to you or me. I need a hot few seconds to breathe and release and let my weird words fly, so herein, a brief catchup. And hopefully 'tis not the last til 2011. Whatever... THIS!




Nothing new to see here. Nothing new to hear here (lol at "hear here", cause we are juvenile...) But why not just give you a moment to laugh at my expense, because below, oh it's only the three songs I've listened to the most over the past week or so.


I really don't know why. My fingers just keep finding the play button as soon as I scroll past these lil' gems, eh! And shock of all shockers, none of them are remixes... umm, WHAT?


Gigglefest, and GO!




For when you need a sweet drop of a beat at the 1:58 mark, I give you...

mp3: Hot Chip - I Feel Better


For when you want to reminisce and raise your hands in exaltation, the offering is...

mp3: Sonique - It Feels So Good


For when you want to believe and justify that your tastes are radder than mine, it's time for...

mp3: Danity Kane - Sucka For Love




Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner & Hot City - Didn't Know What Love Was (New Video and Chew Lips Remix)

"Dear Sheena Beaston. Why haven't you covered or written anything about the super collaboration for Converse that Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City have done?" Answer: because I was waiting for the video and also to dish out the immensely awesome remix that comes courtesy of our buddies, Chew Lips. End of discussion.






mp3: Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City - Didnt Know What Love Was (Chew Lips Remix)




The 2 Bears: Debut EP and Annie Mac Minimix

Super duo radness! That's who The 2 Bears are...or more formally, they are Raf Rundell (a South London club promoter and DJ through the alter-moniker Greco-Roman Soundsystem) and the more well-known dude Joe Goddard (producer, remixer and member of Hot Chip). Together, they've collaborated as the dual forest creatures via Southern Fried Records, and their first release is the Follow the Bears EP, out now.



In addition to the EP, which comes with a hearty helping of beefed up and beastly accoutrements, The 2 Bears also host a weekly radio show on Ministry of Sound Radio. Check it out here...and speaking of radio, these furry fools dropped in to Annie Mac's Friday night fun-fest this past week, and delivered one of the tightest mini-mixes we've heard this year on the program.


Yours below the track list. 'Tis proper rad.


The KLF - Madrugada Eterna
The 2 Bears - Be Strong
Backyard Dog - Baddest Ruffest Winston Hazel + DJ Pipes Mix
Kenny - Don Dada
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kentucky Skank
Toddla T - Manabadman
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Drums of Death - Breathe
Jodeci - Freek N You (MK Dub)
Hot Chip - We Have Love (Hot City Mix)
Wookie - Scrappy
Maxsta - East London Is Back
The Todd Terry Project - Weekend
Lovestation - Teardrops
Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers
Monsta Boy - Sorry (I Didn't Know)
DJ Luck & MC Neat - A Little Bit Of Luck
Sia - Little Man
Wookie - Battle
MJ Cole -  Sincere



mp3: The 2 Bears - Mercy Time (Supabeatz Remix)

mp3: The 2 Bears - Annie Mac Minimix



Holy Ghost! - I Know, I Hear (new video!)

Holy Ghost! are quickly emerging (as if they aren't already known and loved) as a staple favorite of every cool kids' summer time lovin'. With a bit of pop, a ton of disco, and all the know-how to make you groove and move, these DFA dudes are primed to takeover the remaining year's seasons...thanks to a tour that kicks off today, along with a brand new video for I Know, I Hear.



HG!'s North American tour begins tonight at Washington DC's 9:30 Club, with headliners Chromeo. They'll come back through NYC on July 29 at Bowery Ballroom and later this summer on September 4 at PS1. Next Wednesday, August 4, finds the boys taking up with Hot Chip and Hercules and Love Affair, for SummerStage.


Now, the video for I Know, I Hear, which features Caroline Polachek of Chairlift on backing vocals in the black and white clip.


More tour info here.




mp3: Holy Ghost! - I Know, I Hear




Lissy Trullie Shatters the Ceiling at Glasslands

Long fans of the NYC-via-DC native, Lissy Trullie, Friday March 26 saw this Beast brave bitter weather, a nasty head cold and draining technology to catch a late night set from the copper headed chanteuse. Thankfully, our efforts were not in vain as the rad rocker and her band turned out a sharp set, played to a packed crowd that saw the likes of St. Vincent, members of The Strokes, Chairlift and every other hip city kid in attendance.


With but a simple 6 track EP that came out early last year, and saw an outing later in 2009 for the UK audience, Trullie wrangled a set of steady fans with tracks like Self Taught Learner and Boy Boy. The precise cover of Hot Chip's Ready For the Floor was an instant attention grabber as well.

As for the live performance, Lissy and the lads are warranted the same respect given to recorded songs. At times meshing between early 60s motown vibes with a beach rock touch, the band offered up crisp renditions of cuts from the EP, along with a few newer tunes. Proving that she's got the balls to bang it out with the boys, Trullie led her troupe through a slick set that had many a fan excited for what the talented titian will do next. (full set of pictures can be found here)

Set list as follows.

Forget About It

Ready For the Floor

Don't to Do


Self Taught Learner

You Bleed You


Boy Boy






mp3: Lissy Trullie - Forget About It

mp3: Lissy Trullie - Ready For the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)


Beastly Bits #38

Yesterday was a massive monster beast of a day...and we're pretty psyched with the nature of events taking place right now. Here's to hoping you had a rad one as well.


Let's get crackin' yo!


The IAMSOUND party at SXSW is going to be bananas. Salem, Sleigh Bells, jj, MEN, Fool’s Gold, Suckers and a DJ set by Little Boots are what you're in for if you RSVP here.


Want to win a trip to NYC to see Hot Chip on April 23? Winner also gets a kickass recording package from Blue Microphones. Enter here!


Alt-wave rockers, Rubicks, are working on their second album with the lead single Giddy Up already creating a buzz through the music, art and fashion worlds after being used for Italian label Valentino’s latest campaign. Watch the steamy video here.


We Are Enfant Terrible's new single, Wild Child, gets an official remix from one of our faves...Chew Lips! Win for all...cause it's a free download for you below.


M.I.S.S. OmniMedia wanted to pick my brain to feature on their site. Check out the piece at this link and learn a little more about the beast within!


mp3: We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child (Chew Lips Remix)



Beastly Bits #33

IT. JUST. KEEPS. COMING. DOWN. The snow, that is. After a few days of weird wintry mix here in NYC, the snow finally came to a fall. And by fall, I mean a huge dump of drifts and dastardly accumulation. Fittingly enough, our inbox keeps stockpiling up thanks to a superfluous couple of days. 


No complaints here. So grab a shovel, and let's start digging through the cool stuff. (puns!) 


Mystery Jets, Hot Chip and Crystal Castles have been added to the bill for this summer's Estrella Levante SOS 4.8 Festival, which takes place in Murcia, Spain. More details and ticket info by jumping here. 

Rusko's Woo Boost EP is out now. Stream it here then buy it by clicking this hot link. Additionally, Mad Decent have just launched their much sexier and super streamlined web site. Check it out!

LCD Soundsytem's new album is done, according to Jame Murphy. Read and watch and love everything about this piece of news here.

Mark Ronson has been working with Boy George on the latter's new album. Additionally, the BG released a video for his new cut, Amazing Grace, featuring the vocals of Ana Lains. Bonus! We've got the acoustic version of the track to give you...for free. Gobble it up below.

BBC is planning to axe radio stations 6 Music and Asian Networkas part of a strategic rethink, according to a report that appeared in The Times today. Say it ain't so...save the music!


mp3: Boy George (featuring Ana Lains) - Amazing Grace (Acoustic)

mp3: Crystal Castles vs HEALTH - Crimewave



Beastly Bits #17

Grammy's aftermath! Did you watch? Were you pleasantly surprised or perfectly stunned? I have my thoughts even though I didn't watch this year. Thankfully, my twitter feed was blowing up with oft hilarious commentary.


No worries...we're all winners here. Collect your trophies below.


Yes, the Grammy's were held last night with Beyonce being the biggest winner of 'em all. For a full list of nominees and award winners, please direct your browser here.

We Have Band had one of my favorite songs in 2008 with Oh! They are finally releasing their debut album, WHB, on April 5, with the first single, Divisive, out on March 22. To celebrate they're giving away the song Honey Trap, and I'm giving you my aforementioned fave. Grab both below.

Hot Chip are streaming One Life Stand in its entirety on their MySpace. They will also be performing a "not-so-secret" and free MySpace show at Highline Ballroom this Friday. Good luck getting in.

I've been crushing on the few Crookers' tracks they've let out of the bag, from their upcoming LP, Tons of Friends. Steed Lord remixed their song, Transilvania, done with the Italian DJ duo and it's all yours below. Get ready to grin.

Williamsburg's The Woods is hosting ROCK + RESCUE tonight, with all proceeds donated to the Haiti rescue relief efforts. Info here.


mp3: We have Band - Oh!

mp3: We Have Band - Honey Trap

mp3: Crookers (Featuring Steed Lord) - Transilvania (Steed Lord Remix)


twack marks #13 - Hot Chip - One Life Stand

Since debuting their earliest musical experiments nearly 10 years ago, Hot Chip have been known as pioneers of rhythmic electropop. Their first full-length, Coming on Strong, was warmly received, although their sophomore effort solidified a staunch fan base, all of whom now eagerly anticipate the band's 4th studio album, One Life Stand.

Twack marks_hotchip

In early 2009, Hot Chip-man, Alexis Taylor, made mention that the new recordings were going to be "a bit calmer this time" in comparison to previous works that are "more mid-tempo and disco influenced". While I did have this "disclaimer" in mind before the maiden spin of One Life Stand, how would that affect the marks given to each track? Read on and find out.


Hot Chip - 01 - Thieves in the Night [great choice for opener with a mix of thunderous drums and harmonic synths...6 minutes of power...A-] Hot Chip - 02 - Hand Me Down Your Love [piano-driven tune lends to a funkier /repetitive HC. isn't that what we expect from them though...B] Hot Chip - 03 - I Feel Better [someone called it a house version of "la isla bonita" yesterday...cant say i disagree or hate the track...A-] Hot Chip - 04 - One Life Stand [opening spine-shaking beat is sadly the highlight of this messy title track...stops short of potential...B-] Hot Chip - 05 - Brothers [from first note knew this'd be my fave...lush vocals...this is not your dancey hot chip...get ready to feel...A+] Hot Chip - 06 - Slush [yawn, you've lost me on this one boys...from the previous tender jam to this slow "ballad", if you will, is meh...C-] Hot Chip - 07 - Alley Cats [starts off cute enough but gosh, these emo-fueled tracks don't lend to the dancing that wants to come out...C] Hot Chip - 08 - We Have Love [nice change from past 2 but again, this one is on the cusp of being great and falls just short...damn it...B-] Hot Chip - 09 - Keep Quiet [you've gotta be kidding me...another one that plods along...who was going through drama while writing this...C-]

Hot Chip - 10 - Take it In [picking up tempo to close out the album...symphonic chorus vocals are sweetening...liked more on 3rd listen...B


Here's my beastly reaction to the album as a whole. Simply, it doesn't work. While yes, the production is spot-on and I have the utmost respect for the time and effort it goes into creating one unique track, let alone 10, there is a haphazard discontinuity from start to finish. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the slower tracks simply because they "aren't bangers". In fact, you'll note that my favorite cut (Brothers) is not your typical Hot Chip up-tempo jam. There's simply a passionate aspect missing to the songs that, I feel, were designed to incite some sort of emotional, rather than physical, reaction. Let's put it this way. If One Life Stand were cut into two EPs, I would leave the second half untouched and continue to spin the first five tracks...over and over.

Hot Chip's One Life Stand is out February 9 on EMI. Pre-order here. Dividerline

mp3: Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Drums Of Death Remix)

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