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Beastly Listening: Beni's Debut, House of Beni



Modular's latest in all things house and haute, Beni bursts forth with a sneak peak preview of his debut album, due out October 11 here in the States. Having already heard the tracks It's a Bubble and Someone Just Like You, House of Beni rounds out with 8 more rad records to add to your repertoire. We'd suggest specific ones for you to listen and love up on, but we barely make it past opening cut, Sway (featuring vocals from Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6), before we're already hitting repeat.


Pre-order Beni's House of Beni here



Beni - House of Beni by modularpeople 




Stream This Now: Azari & III's Debut Album



Sometimes, when my brother gets really excited, he expresses that in his tweets and writings, by simply "keysmashing" the letters on his computer or mobile device. Taking cue from him: DHN3O KJ;;cdw23ciDSDa7egbdsdGSDGV, or in human-speak, "Noble beasts, thineself requests your ears to feast upon the self-titled offering from sirs Azari & III, applicably available to stream whenceforth as below." SO RAD.






mp3: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



Lil' Kim - Crush On You (Matpat Edit)



For more on Matpat, go check out the rest of his edits and originals and remixes and general radness right ova hia and hia!




mp3: Lil' Kim - Crush On You (Matpat Edit)



The 2 Bears - Bear Hug


It's what I want; and frankly, this new song slays. Thank you, The 2 Bears




mp3: The 2 Bears - Bear Hug



Azealia Banks - 212

Well hello schizoprenifavorite rap of the summer! Way way waaaaay back in early 2009, I hailed and heralded the quick-lipped spit and flow of a youngster named Azealia Banks. Dropping verses on a Ladytron track was so "ohhh-nine" though, because jump to today and we're totally grooving on this ridiculously rad shout out to the isle of Manhattan.




212 is her latest effort, a lewd-laced cut that places Banks' unique tones above, um, are those "house elements"? Yes, they are. Amidst the b, c, n, s and f-words, you must pay attention to two wildly fantastic switch up beat tricks, first at the :45 mark and then again at the 2:17 stamp.


She also sings in this "snarl growl" for a few seconds that's half snarky, part serious and all amazing.


Get it and love it.




mp3: Azealia Banks - 212



Wax Motif & Neoteric's Go Deep is Out Now

The latest release on Southern Fried Records comes courtesy of Wax Motif & Neoteric. Go Deep is a slice of quality house music and remixes come from Keith & Supabeatz, Gingy and Maxxi Soundsystem. 




Buy the brand new radness here. This EP also proves the point that chopping and smoothing out Janet cuts will always get you posted on these pages, as well as finding room on every set list I ever spin out. See: Prince Club's Love Jackson



Wax Motif & Neoteric: Go Deep by Southern Fried Records 



mp3: Wax Motif and Neoteric - Go Deep (Extended Mix)



Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love

We'd previously always sometimes been a little on the fence about Steed Lord. At times, elements of their nu-disco-housier than thou flare shone through whilst other electrobanger qualities suppressed our urge to give them a rad heaping of support. Don't get us wrong, songs like You and It's What You Do 2 Me are great... and frankly, their feature on Crookers' Transilvania was the highlight of the Italian DJ's debut long player. But it's a new upcoming EP that's got us in the grip of the quivers, and oh yeah, it's great.




Cut to the summer of 2011 and we see Steed Lord cooking up some amazing disco house tunes with their upcoming Eddie House EP. The troupe went back to their house roots on this mini album of theirs and released the first track a few months back on their Soundcloud page, so yeah, we're late on this, but geeeebs Louise it's a dandy ditty.


Give your full attentive ears to Don't Hurt Love.


Summa smash!




mp3: Steed Lord - Don't Hurt Love



Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love (new!)

Last month, we wrangled in NYC trio, Jessica 6, into the EVR studio on our weekly radio show, Belly of the Beast. (let's beat that fact over the head, as in, AHEM, you guys... it's Thursday, and the show is tonight at 8pm ET, so you should be listening right on ok thank you) Anyway, we dig them, and now they are offering up a new song, a free one if you will, from their forthcoming debut album, See the Light, which is due out June 7.




Prisoner Of Love [which] bridges electro and freestyle, featuring a soaring vocal melody that finds Nomi and guest vocalist Antony weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect.


Those are some words from the press release.


Here are some from me: "I LIKE THIS A LOT". (and also ps: speaking of prisoners, and love, I was reminded of Colonel Abrams' Trapped... which talks about being in a cage, like a thieving bastard, and sounds nothing like this new song, but I really enjoy in this housey rework, and so you're getting that as well. pps: COFFEE RAMBLES!)




mp3: Jessica 6 (ft Antony) - Prisoner of Love

mp3: Colonel Abrams - Trapped (DJ Tonka Remix)



Prince Club - Love Jackson

This is like, oh, my favorite song ever right now. Cool Canadians, Prince Club, took Janet Jackson's 2001 hit, Someone to Call My Lover, and pitched 'dem vocals waaaaay down and gave this "original" tune of theirs a quite nice house vibe that just sounds all sorts of right.


Love jackson


It's pretty awesome to hear in your headphones or out at a club, in which we've experienced both, and lay them on the same playing field of listening love.


And for posterity's sake, you're getting JJ's original, as well as a retrospective peek at the video, which I used to love a whole lot. In fact, still do. ALSO, you ARE aware that Ms. Jackson's song sampled America's Ventura Highway, right? See!


Funky lil' guit-riffs. Woo!






mp3: Prince Club - Love Jackson

mp3: Janet Jackson - Someone to Call My Lover




Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (free EP!)

In lieu of his upcoming sophomore album, Return to Paradise, Australian pop artist Sam Sparro decided to unleash a new and free EP for all ears to hear. And whilst this all happened prior to the turn into the new year, we're slightly behind on the good stuff here in Beastonia, but that makes it no less rad. No, in fact, we're appreciating it even more now that the initial "zomg wow and how" factors have worn off on everyone else, and we can reveal how much our beastly little body is so affected by the sounds coming forth.


Sam sparro


In July of 2010, Sparro stopped by East Village Radio's Accidental Rhythm, with my pal Jason Eldredge on hosting duties, and he debuted new song Pink Cloud. The mostly instrumental jam is a nice slice of throwback lounge house and is an exciting new turn in sound from the musician.


Now, he's offering up the Pink Cloud EP for free, which features the song of the same name, subsequent remixes by Julian Brody, Nguzunguzu and Saint Le Roq, as well as the b-side, You's a Nasty.


I'd be remiss and sorely mistaken if I didn't admit that this EP has been on more often than not over the course of the past week. And I don't see that changing any time soon. You can join me on this epic musical quest by downloading the release for the cost of naught, over on Sparro's site, or check out the video to the title track... OR watch the video below. The choice is yours... and every answer is oh so right.






mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud (Julian Brody Remix)

mp3: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud

mp3: Sam Sparro - You's A Nasty



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