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Contest: Win an ENVY Beats Edition Laptop from Sheena Beaston and HP!


Straight to the point with that post title, eh? Well see... as you may or may not know (but really you should know because this site is the only one you read every day all day ever, right?), we've been in the raddest of cahoots with our buddies over at HP. We've been beasting out on the town and in the confines of our humble abode with the slick-as-all-get-out HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop. And the only way we know how to really say thank you and "see, we told you how rad it is" is by tossing one to a lucky reader. And no, we won't really physically toss it, cause that's a bad idea. But someone WILL in fact win this sweet slice of machinery. 




Here's the haps as to how to score the winnings. 




To be entered to win this contest, you must leave a comment on this post describing how and why technology and music make your every day life even radder. And you better make it beastly. I mean, REALLY BEASTLY.


You can be funny, witty, silly or serious, but one thing above all else, is to wow me with some piece of information or an anecdote about tech and tunes that knocks and rocks my socks off. Not necessarily saying that dropping the "Dre" name or some "Hey, HP is the ish" type of sentence structure makes you lead the pack in the drive to win, but hey... you never know.


Contest will remain open until 5pm ET on Friday April 8. If you have any questions, hit me here. Winner will be selected at my discretion and notified directly. Bam!




mp3: B.O.B. - Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix)




"Breaking" Update: HP, Beats by Dr. Dre and Sheena Beaston (and new edit!)

As I've simply been swarmed with a load of new developments in what some (and by some, I mean, me) may call a "rad little life", guilt has washed over me in the fact that I haven't checked in or dished out any new updates and thoughts (and free stuff for you) in regards to the HP ENVY Beats Edition system I've been rocking in my daily Beastonian adventures. And sure, excuses are a dime a dozen, but c'est la. So here are some words, and keep reading, cause I'm going to tell you something really awesome. Seriously.


Beasts broken beats


The anticipated inevitable finally ocurred earlier this week. In taking great care of the Beats headphones (due to the "one piece plastic" curvature design), I'd always been a little wary of the construction, and thusly quite delicate with them... seemingly doomed to fail, I made it 3 solid months before, when in an act of simply and gently removing said 'phones from headspace, a gruesome "cccrrrracckkkk" was heard. Being that I was on the subway at the time, my heart sank, cause a train ride sans music, is one I never want to know. Valiant temporary electrical tape reparations aside (see image above), this pair of Beats now, sadly, lay unusable.


In lappytop news though... all's well in that world. I found a super slim and light backpack on Canal St (lol) that comfortably fits the machine and takes the weight off my back when in transport. Biggest plus and positive for me remains the speed and space offered of the Beats ENVY. I feel like I've downloaded more new music in the past month or so than ever before, yet there's still a load of free hard drivery to keep me amped.


Here's the important thing you need to know: I'm giving away a full machine, eventually, not yet, but soon. If you wanna "play like the Beast", then keep checking back here or follow me on the twitter. This computer is Beaston aproved, and I want you to get rad like me.


Ok, new mixxy edit thing time. Go!




mp3: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes - Hannah Rad Edit)



Get $100 Off Any HP ENVY Notebook... AND a New Mixtape!

Let's not beat around the proverbial bush here. I have two slices of awesome to toss your way: one which could culminate in a tangibly titillating item, and the other, well, it's just another silly cochlear pleasure from yours truly. Monetary markdowns and mixtapes... it's a rad thing!


Envy discount


Dudes, giving someone a laptop for Christmas (only 10 shopping days left!) is a pretty sweet way to say ILU IRL, so if you're gonna do so, why not make it one in the HP ENVY series. If my own raves about the machine aren't enough to convince you, see what my pals like Jeff, Nora and Brad think of the device. Or, OR...on top of all that, how's about I just knock off $100 on the price of any notebook in the series, cause I'm about to do just that.


All you gotta do is start shopping at HPDirect.com. When you're ready to check out, use code NBEY69354 to save 100 big ones on your purchase (offer valid for the first 50 redeemers only).


And how's about a little inspirational music to listen to whilst you're doing that online navigating for new techy tidbits. Well, I suppose I'd hardly call it motivational, but you may get a good chuckle out of this insanely thematic minimix I threw together. Track listing, then play it .... uhnnn yeah!


1. Smart Mother Intro 
2. Kanye West - School Spirit (Rad Edit) 
3. We Came Here at 6 O'Clock 
4. Tupac - Old School 
5. Detention Room 
6. Atmosphere - Smart Went Crazy (Rad Edit) 
7. Schoolyard Hijinks 
8. Led Zeppelin - School Days (Bootleg) 
9. Billy Madison vs Clueless (Schoolin') 
10. Pink Floyd - We Don't Need No Education (Rad Edit) 
11. Twenty Five Divided By Five 
12. Eric Prydz - Proper Education 
13. Beastie Boys - College Girls are Easy 
14. Soulja Boy - Report Card 
15. Bueller Outro



Hannah Rad - Pencils Down Little Schoolgirl by hannahrad  





Hannah Rad - Honky Tonk Put a Donk On It (new mixtape!)

Well, well, well...what have we here? Yes, my rad little fingers and brain and body have all joined forces to concoct a new mixtape for you. And yes, as mentioned in a previous post, this was done solely using that "one thing" I keep going on and on about. 




No more words. Let's give it up to the tunes to do the talking.


1. Intro
2. The Coasters - Down in Mexico
3. The Coasters - Down in Mexico (Beaston Beats Fix)
4. Boots Brown - Cerveza
5. La Lupe - Fever
6. Bo Diddley - Hush Your Mouth
7. The Nobleman - Dragon Walk
8. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie
9. The Megatons - Shimmy Shimmy Walk
10. The Majestics - Oasis
11. DiAnne Price - Pig Meat
12. The Doors - Been Down So Long (Streetlab Mix)
13. The Supremes - Baby Love
14. Jim Croce - Bad Leroy Brown
15. Loretta Lynn - Mrs. Leroy Brown
16. Los Bravos - Black is Black




Win Tickets to See The Roots and John Legend on December 7!

Earlier this month, I dropped some hot info that I'm in cahoots with HP and Beats by Dr. Dre, and while I'm reaping a lot of the benefits of a sweet new system and headphones (yeah, shameless plug here again), I also mentioned that you lucky little beasts would be privy to get in on the action too. Here's the first round of radness, and yo, it's a good one.


The roots


HP is all about music these days, and duh, so am I. They recently hooked me up with an ENVY 14 Beats Edition to test out and I'm digging the machine like a boss! Not only is HP making music sound good again on a computer, thanks to Beats Audio, but photos, movies and social networking is a breeze with Windows Live Essentials. To learn more about HP PCs with Beats Audio, hit this link hard.


So that's the legal mumbo jumbocities... below is the stuff you need to know if you want a pair of tickets to this exclusive, invite-only concert. Color us excited!




HP is sponsoring an invite-only concert featuring John Legend & The Roots on Tuesday, December 7 at NYC's Highline Ballroom. The opening act is ?UESTLOVE, who also acts as the host and DJ for the event.


To enter, simply copy and paste this lovely tweet (make sure to follow us so we can DM you not if, but WHEN you win), and hit send to be automatically entered.


yo @sheenabeaston and @HP_PC, those tickets to see the roots and john legend on december 7 need to be mine. hook it up!


Contest will remain open until Friday, December 3 at 5pm ET. Winner will be selected at random and notified via direct message.




mp3: The Roots - You Got Me




HP and Beats by Dr. Dre: Sheena Beaston Video Update

I don't need to write a lot here, because this video will basically tell you what I've been up to over the first two weeks of my experience with the HP Envy Beats Edition Laptop and Beats by Dre headphones. How cute am I? And by cute, I mean ridiculous.






mp3: The Sounds - Tony The Beat (Rex The Dog Mix)




This Happened: Heineken Inspire Encore Event at NYC's Pier 36

This past Saturday, November 13, Heineken threw together a last minute party for about 3,000 of their closest, or not so close, friends and fans. Announced only two days prior to the bash, the Inspire Encore event quickly sold out of its free tickets leaving kids wanting to see Pete Rock, Nas, Cee-Lo, Diplo, J. Cole, Black Sheep and more all at the cost of naught. Oh, and they had a ton of free food and beer and surprisingly, was one of the most well-executed events, save for extended set times by performers, which became long long long in the tooth.




I had a blast getting down to some sweet tunes, and hey look at what my man Wes Deezy was sporting on his ears! He rocked a pair of the studio Beats by Dre headphones, which as I am typing this (shameless plug: on my new HP Beats 14 Envy Edition laptop), have also got my killer set on cranking out the music.


Biggest thrill of the day may have been the unannounced inclusion of Black Sheep, which was just...gosh, such a thrill. Hearing The Choice is Yours live in a jam packed pier hangar was beyond anything I could have anticipated, and me and my crew totally fanned out upon his entrance to the stage. Other highlights included: the insanity and forward nature of the crowd around us, J. Cole's rap over a Biggie jawn and Cee-Lo crushing Bright Lights Bigger City with his sexy all girl band.


For more of the fun, check out the select images, video I spliced together on my sweet new machine, or the full gallery of pics here.













HP and Beats by Dr. Dre Partner with Sheena Beaston for Music and Technology Radness

After a series of innuendo-icized hints and teasers via multiple social platforms (go ahead and stalk me on twitter and facebook...s'cool, I condone it), I'm genuinely honored and excited to share news of a ridiculously cool partnership that starts with HP, loops in Dr. Dre and myself, and ultimately winds up with you reaping a majorly massive reward. Say what? Lemme dish out some details!




Over the next few weeks, I'll be living and learning from the new HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop. Created and championed by Dr. Dre himself, with the true music lover, aficiando and geek in mind, it's designed to make daily net travelings and computed interactions seamless from thought to touch pad.


I've got a complete system at my disposal, along with a kickass pair of the Beats' Solo headphones, and in receiving such radness, will be documenting my experience with the package. I'll toss out tips on what I'm digging about the machine, I'll be frank about any features that strike me as "not so hot", but overall, WE (that's me, HP and your lovely eyes and ears) wanna really get into the "belly of this beast". That said, to prove how completely stoked I am (and also to show you that this is gonna be fun, mostly since you'll be laughing at my expense), my coworkers captured video whilst I opened the package yesterday. 


Warning: intense and shameless dweebdom in 3, 2, 1...






mp3: Computer Club - Laptop Levitation



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