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Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)

Ay yo! The next in a line of all things exclusively rad and exceptionally beastly comes in the form of another shape we like to call Masonically Awesome. Yes yes y'all, another one of our new faves in Human Life tackles Mason and Roisin Murphy's Boadicea on a dub tip, turning one of our most recently loved and lauded cuts into an even sweeter treat for thine ears.




Buy Boadicea here. It's taken from Mason's debut album, They Are Among Us.


PS: Human Life put together a spring mix. I like spring. I like spring even more when listening to the below player, in which you can also download the mix to your Zunes. Or whatever.



Human Life Spring 2011 Mix by Human Life 



mp3: Mason (ft Roisin Murphy) - Boadicea (Human Life Dub)



Human Life's Wherever We Are EP Out Now

Human Life, oh Human Life. Thank you for the song and accompanying video for Wherever We Are...and yo, you can read my reasonings why, after the clip.






The light and bouncy feel to the song immediately transports me back to the best memories of a summer too soon passed. Friends, parties, sun and fun inhabit my headspace when spinning this track (and subsequently watching the video) and make my beastly brain forget about the doldrums of autumn and winter that are too rapidly approaching. And while that's an entirely personal and introspective opinion on what this song makes me feel (hint: it makes me feel feelings), I think it's a pretty broad generalization that will easily transcend through your mind and body as well upon listen and looking.


Human Life released their Wherever We Are EP yesterday via Lifex Recordings. You can buy it on Beatport, which I recommend you do. Partially so you can revel in my summer dreams with me, but mostly because it's pretty rad music.


Lil' bonus love for ya: the Minitel Rose remix is on some next level xylophonic sounding awesomesauce.




mp3: Human Life - Wherever We Are (Minitel Rose Remix)




Human Life's Italo Crimewave Up for Download on East Village Radio!

Holy hotness in a synth-laden handbasket! LA kiddos, Human Life, have dropped a heavy-hitter on wanting ears and it comes in the form of the track, Italo Crimewave. The trio is set to release their next single, Wherever We Are, on November 1, and this slick lil' cut comes on the b-side of the release. It's totes A-side worthy, though....trust!




Human Life's debut album is expected out in the Spring of 2011, aka, not soon enough.

I'd be remiss if I didn't direct you to East Village Radio to grab the exclusive download. Otherwise, that would make me the worst boss of myself in the history of ever.




Human Life - In It Together (Louis La Roche's Feeling Remix)

Oh hey, Human Life. How you doin'? By all means, if you asked me how I was doing at this very moment in time, I'd reply with a wipe of the brow and some erroneous high-fiving, because in my mitts and deffo in my ears, I'm blasting Louis La Roche's remix of your "already great on it's own legs" orginal tune, In It Together.



Human Life's In It Together EP was recently released (June 7) on the famed and fantastic Alan Braxe's Vulture label, and with the single comes a buttload of really spectacular remixes.


You may have already been privy to Acid Girls or Andy & Jaymo's rub-up of the song, but it's LLR's who's making me smile all day today. Maybe it's because the opening autotune quirks remind me a lot of THIS humor clip (right?!), or maybe it's just cause the UK madman always knows how to crank out a really complimentary fix of something we already dig. Shoot...it's both.


Watch the video for Human Life's In It Together, buy the EP on iTunes or Beatport, then grab your goody after the clip.




mp3: Human Life - In It Together (Louis La Roche Feeling Remix) 



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