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Win a Trip for 2 to The Creators Project London Event on July 17!

If you've jumped into Beastonia at least once over the past few weeks, then you've undoubtedly come across my ravings and "oh my god wow" posts surorunding last month's The Creators Project launch event in NYC. Well kiddos, us big applers aren't the only ones allowed to have fun in a creative way. Next up is London-town, and VICE, Intel and Jetsetter want to send you and a friend. That. Is. Awesome.



The Creators Project descends unto London's Victoria House on Saturday, July 17. It will be an epic day of art and performances worth trekking across the globe for. Understandable that arranging a last minute vacation wanders far into the lands of fantasy for most, so VICE and Intel and the lovely humanitarians at Jetsetter are offering up a pair of tickets, travel AND two nights at a hotel during the London event to one fortunate soul living in the United States. 


ENTER HERE. (contest closes on Monday July 12...so do it now!)



mp3: The xx - Crystalised (Keljet Remix)




The Creators Project: Mark Ronson Set on EVR

You thought I was done ranting and raving about last week's The Creators Project launch event, didn't you? Well my little beasts and buddies, here's the final piece of the puzzle that was an amazing day. Once again, thanks to VICE and Intel for hosting one of the funnest days/nights we've had in like, a really long time.



Last Saturday's event was capped off by a closing night set by Mark Ronson. Manning the decks at the stroke of midnight, the talented turntablist started off with a few select cuts before welcoming MNDR to the stage. This being the first live performance of his (along with her) song, Bang Bang Bang, the crowd went rightfully nutso! MNDR then did Sparrow and Fade to Black with Ronson backing her on the decks.


After spinning a collection of new and old hits (think Missy Elliott mixed with Aretha Franklin et al), Ronson also brought out Alex Greenwald and Rose Elinor Dougall to sing cuts from his upcoming album, Record Collection. Ronson ended his set with a bit of Somebody To Love Me, another track from the disc, with vocals from Boy George.


If you missed the event, never fear. Mark Ronson's Authentic Shit airs from 8-10pm on East Village Radio tonight, and the evening's programming will be a live recording of his set from The Creators Project. Tune in!





mp3: Mark Ronson and The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (Russ Chimes Remix)




The Creators Project: M.I.A. Iz What It Iz

Days before the launch party for The Creators Project at New York City's Milk Studios, rumors began swirling as to who the unannounced special guest headliner would be. Most guessed it would be M.I.A., what with her album  /\/\ /\ Y /\, due out on soon and her label-mates already on the docket. That thought was confirmed the day prior to the party, and if everyone who didn't already have a pass to the event wanted in, they so desperately fought to get there even more after the news broke.




The fighting continued, ok we'll be polite and call it shoving, for space near the stage before her set began led to the collapse of the photo pit, with fans straddling amps and monitors in order to reach the singer once she arrived on stage. With this having been my first opportunity to catch M.I.A. live, I had great expectations and hopes in store.


Many of those, however, were not lived up to. Maybe it's due to the new material not initially resonating with me (although, I'd like to hear the high-quality album before making any other sweeping statements regarding iit), or maybe it's due to the fact that my wallet was stolen during the performance...leaving a sour taste in my mouth post-set. Either way, I still hold out hope that she'll soon wow me with a live showing...possibly at HARD Fest where the singer seems much better suited for the festival atmosphere as opposed to the intimate underground club feel that Saturday night's space provided for the exhibition.


I will say this though: M.I.A.is what she is...something to talk about for both supporters or naysayers.


View more pictures from M.I.A.'s set here.





mp3: M.I.A. - XXXO (Darren Glen Remix)



The Creators Project: Die Antwoord's NYC Debut

Die Antwoord are the sort of anomaly that you really don't know how to perceive upon first listen, or glance, for that matter. The South African rap act has been described as everything from seriously satirical to left-of-field legit, but no matter how you take them, the trio's New York City debut at The Creators Project holds one truth throughout: they are "fookin' amazing".



In all honesty, I only caught the last two-and-a-half songs of Ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek's set, but that was, in it's brevity, much more sufficient and awesome than I had anticipated. I'd love to write tons more on the performance, but I'm going to save the longer-ish review when I catch them later this summer at HARD Fest, then at Music Hall of Williamsburg the following day. (July 24 and 25, respectively)


I will say this though: Enter the Ninja is about infinity x 10 better live than the recorded versions. So much radness!


Small set of pictures from their performance can be seen here.




mp3: Die Antwoord - Beat Boy



The Creators Project: Sleigh Bells' Rhythmic Riot

There's a certain inevitability that drums up to mind when putting the words "creators", "project" and Sleigh Bells in the same sentence. Quite possibly the most natural selection to appear at Saturday's The Creators Project launch party, not only do Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss have one of the best albums of the year, but their unique sound and stage show created my favorite moment of the day's live performances.



With a set on the second floor main stage well into the course of the day's activities, the energies of myself and those around could be seen slowly starting to wane. Enter this Brooklyn duo and all inklings of weariness, however, go by the wayside. Showcasing many of the tracks from their 11-track, 32-minute debut disc, Treats, the set was filled with the signature shreds and shrieks we've been raging out to for months.


During the crowd favorite song A/B Machines, lots of thrashing, raging and head-banging took place as everyone joined in singing along with Alexis, to which at one point, she came over and shoved the mic between her and I, and together we excitedly sang the triumphant chorus.


Sleigh Bells always put on a great show; a spectacular noise-pop project that creates the best post-show euphoria for all in attendance.


View more pictures from their set here.





mp3: Nas x Sleigh Bells - Lifes A Riot (Son Of Sam Mix)


The Creators Project: The Rapture Get Into It

After a secretly not-so-secret show at Union Pool last Wednesday, the new formation of NYC's own The Rapture jumped over to Milk Studios on Saturday to toss out their tunes to the wanting ears of all at The Creators Project, held at Milk Studios. Staged on the loading dock of the venue, with half of the crowd standing outside stretching to see in, the refurbished line-up, sans bassist Mattie Safer, wasted no time in launching into the hits.



Given the opening time-slot for all bands at 6:00pm, maybe it was the heat, the space, or the free booze that had everyone already too drunk to dance, but mostly everyone (save for our pack of brats) stood fairly still. Hey kids, you could've saved your motionless gazes for the art installations on the upper floors! Regardless of that, we spent a good portion of the set jumping around like a true fanatic and the foursome sounded really tight, which only piques my curiosity and anticipation for a new album.


Had to jump out of that spot before the set was over and before taking one of many elevator rides to the next performance in order to catch as much as 'twas humanly possible, but The Rapture are most definitely back. Even when taking over a loading dock.


View more pictures from The Rapture's set here.





mp3: The Rapture - Whoo! Alright, Yeah... Uh Huh (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)



The Creators Project: Art, Mind, Heart and Soul

The brainchild of microchips and music magazines seems like a "hmm...come again?" sort of venture, but when pulled off as seamlessly and pretty freaking radly as VICE and Intel did this past Saturday for the launch event of The Creators Project, at NYC's Milk Studios, then the only head scratching done is the next day. Think of it as a "wow, dudes...did we really pack all that 'awesome' into a 14 hour day?" Yeah. Yeah, we did.



Considering the breadth of musics, arts and peoples we spent hours upon hours interacting with, a split up of the day's going-ons is a bit necessary, if only for my sanity. For this visual piece, we're gonna focus on the installations, film and general beauty of the stunning bodies of work on display. Music reviews (to follow) will be broken up into individual posts by set.


Thanks one hundred times over to VICE and Intel for throwing a top-notch bash that's still got me in permagrin mode. Truly an event for the mind, body, heart and soul.


Please enjoy the images below, and jump to this link for the full gamut of awesomeness.










mp3: Santogold x M.I.A. - Santo Mia (Immuzikation HolierThanThouBlend)




The Creators Project Sit Down with Peaches

Any excuse to write words about Peaches, and you know I'll take that opportunity without so much as a second thought. Media powerhouses, Vice and Intel have teamed up for The Creators Project, a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across technological vehicles, and around the world.



TCP has a ton of great footage from bands and artists like Diplo, Lady Ly, and the already mentioned Berlin-based queen of dirt-tinged electro tunes. Check out their upcoming features here


We'll be watching...will you?


For now, check out their bio/sit-down with Peaches. Killer stuff.





mp3: Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away (Trim The Fat Remix)  


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