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Rad News: Modeselektor Interview on This Week's Belly of the Beast

Ooooh wee, I'm thrilled for things! The German gods of all things IDM and electro, Modeselektor, are my esteemed guests on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast this week. As always, the show is live from 8-10pm ET and it's happening this Thursday, September 22. You can read more here




In "oh hey PS other news...", my buddy Jason reviewed the duo's new disc, Monkeytown, which is Gernot and Sebastian's 3rd LP but the 1st via their own imprint.


Pre-order the album here. Dare we say... it's aaaahhhh sooo aaah rad.


Excitement below.




mp3: Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)



Interview: Metric's Emily Haines on EVR's Belly of the Beast (Thurs, November 11)

Just a little something to entice you before tomorrow night's weekly installment of East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast (8-10pm ET). Earlier this week, I had the most sincere and distinct pleasure of talking with Emily Haines, she of Metric, Broken Social Scene and solo material fame. Long a fan of her work, this was a dream encoutner that still has a beastly permagrin plastered on my face.


Emily haines


Head here beginning at 8pm ET to hear the exclusive interview, in which we chat about what the band is planning in terms of new music, creative processes and how a solo excursion to South America influenced and affected the singer. I may have also "fan-girled" out a bit and disclosed how nervous and sweaty I was in speaking with Haines.


Listen live!




mp3: Tiesto (featuring Emily Haines) - Knock You Out




Interview: CockNBullKid Matures into Adulthood

I'm pretty pumped for CockNBullKid to release her debut album. I mean, it's only been 27+ months since I first started loving up on her tunes, so with much awaited and baited breath, I've been patient for the freshman full length. Adulthood will see daylight in February of the impending year [read = not soon enough] but we've waited this long, and what's a few more months to hold out for what will surely be a major player in my repertoire. To get ready and get amped for what's to come, chats are in order, and it's Beaston vs Bull in this installment.




CockNBullKid is currently on tour with Marina & the Diamonds and Kele. She's covered tracks by both artists, which you can grab for free here and here respectively. Also be sure to check out her cover of Rui de Silva's Touch Me over on her 'Space. Loving that. Even better, watch CNBK and Gonzales (her album collaborator and producer) doing a live cover of Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills here. Most amazing!




SB: Describe CocknBullKid. I know it's your music moniker, but if you had to classify that term/phrase as a noun, or a genre of music, what would the definition of it be?
CNBK: Crying till you laugh and laughing till you cry.


SB: Talk about your earliest influences in the musical world. Did you grow up playing instruments, listening to mom and dad's old records, or what sparked the notion that "hey I think I need to be making music."
CNBK: It sounds cliche but as long as I can remember I have been into music. My parents don't own a musical bone in their bodies so I'm really not sure. My dad played loads of records round the house, so that probably had some influence. I also went to pentecostal church with  my Mum and younger brother. Music was a big part of that. Asides from that, I have harboured this ambition to be a singer and a writer.


SB: Over the past 2 years, a good deal of buzz has started to flow throughout blogs and online publications about your music. What's your response to the good dose of praise that you've been given for the material already out there?
CNBK: For every gushing review there's one saying your hair is shit or whatever. I try not to take it too seriously. I don't want to sound ungrateful to the people who have supported me though. I'm not really famous yet so I haven't read anything too bad or hyperbolic yet. But let's see what I say this time next year!


SB: Your debut album is coming out in February 2011. Talk about the process...writing, recording, working with Gonzales, etc.... it's been over two years since you first came out with initial cut On My Own, so how has the music evolved from then til now with the new material on the disc?
CNBK: I feel my writing has come a long since I first released On My Own in 2007. I always wanted to do something bigger, the album is quite unashamed and I'm proud of that. I got to work with great people like Gonzales who I clicked with immediately. He helped me to get back my focus for writing lyrics. I worked with Peter from Peter Bjorn and John- the Scandic have a great sense of humour so I hope that came across in the songs we did together. The album has taken a while and at times it was hard but it was never dull. Liam Howe ended up doing the production on most of the tracks. He is a big kid trapped in a mans body. We also clicked really quickly and he's very easy to work with.


SB: What happens next? More writing, recording, performing, etc...
CNBK: The warm up single One Eye Closed is out in the UK on Nov 8, then I go on a nation wide tour with Marina and the Diamonds. Then I do a few dates supporting Kele Okereke. Next single will be out after that then the album in Feb. 


SB: Quick questions: please pick one of the two options of eac

David Bowie or Giorgio Moroder

Basquiat or Warhol
Steak or Shrimp
NYC, London or Paris
Dying to go to NY, I just know I will love it. But for now gonna stay patriotic and say London.

8-Bit or Vocoder

ABBA or Adriano Celentano
Abba! Obv.

Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel
Damn, love them both but I'll say Coco Chanel.

Spring or Fall

High Fives or Thumbs Up
High Fives

Computer or TV

Radio or Record Player
Record Player
Champagne or Shots
Champagne schweedie.




mp3: CockNBullKid - Misery (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)

mp3: CockNBullKid - One Eye Closed (Aspirins For My Children Remix)





Interview: The Aikiu's Kitschy Discopop

Earlier this summer, The Aikiu's debut single, Just Can't Sleep, took up a good portion of my most dedicated listening time, and hell, it's still as great as the first time I'd heard it. But truth be told, not a lot is known about this artist, and with but the one cut to go off of, it's high time to find out what's in store for this lavishly luscious lad's music and what's on deck for him next.




Shall we delve into the brain-pickings of one, Alex Aikiu? Yes, yes we shall.


SB: Describe The Aikiu. I know it's your last name, but if you had to classify "aikiu" as a noun, or a genre of music, what would the definition of it be?
AA: The Aikiu is a phantasmagoria and imaginary entity. It represents also the people working on my project. By adding "the" to Aikiu, I wanted to be quirky, almost kitsch (Like "The Great Gatsby")

SB: Talk about your earliest influences in the musical world. Did you grow up playing instruments, listening to mom and dad's old records, or what sparked the notion that "hey I think I need to be making music."
AA: I've discovered music at the Conservatoire, where I've learned the singing and the piano. At that time studying Chopin, Mozart, Schubert....my first influences. Later, I've discovered pop music with my elder sister. We were sharing the same room, the walls were covered with posters of Madonna, The Cure, AHA, Kim Wilde... Every night she made me learn and sing a new song from one of her idol, otherwise she wouldn't let me sleep. It's at that moment, that I've started to imagine, melodies and music. Prince, Michael Jackson have inspired me a lot.

SB: With all but a debut single and handful of remixes for I Can't Sleep, a good deal of buzz has started to flow throughout blogs and online publications. What's your response to the good dose of praise that you've been given for the material already out there, and how do you follow that up?
AA: I'm very happy but also surprised, because I didn't have much expectation. With my label we just wanted to release a song [in a] fairly low profile manner, unpretentious and without pressure. I'm not taking care of critics, at least for the moment I'm concentrating on finishing the album and the release of the next single, The Red Kiss.

SB: It's been said that there's a certain sense of hedonism in your music. Agree or disagree...and why?
AA: Yes, I wanted to transcribe through Just Can't Sleep a cultural and musical period where people were in search of fun and joy (70s, early 80's). I have an obsession for this period, whether musically or moviewise (Scorsese, De Palma...)

SB: What happens next for The Aikiu? More writing, recording, performing, etc...
AA: We are currently finishing the album, which will be more pop. There will be a tour starting in November with dates in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon... and the release of my next single, due in mid-November on the Kitsuné label.

SB: Alright, quick questions. Pick one of the options...and go!

SB: David Bowie or Giorgio Moroder
AA: David Bowie

SB: Basquiat or Warhol
AA: Both

SB: Steak or Shrimp
AA: Shrimp

SB: NYC or Paris
AA: Both

SB: Computer or TV
AA: Computer

SB: 8-Bit or Vocoder
AA: 8-Bit

SB: ABBA or Adriano Celentano

SB: Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel
AA: Coco Chanel

SB: Spring or Fall
AA: Summer

SB: High Fives or Thumbs Up
AA: Thumbs Up

SB: Radio or Record Player
AA: Record Player


mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (SVNGR Remix)





Recap, Playlist, Archive: Sheena Beaston on East Village Radio with The Hundred in the Hands

Well we just about had the raddest time ever this past Friday. Jumping into the East Village Radio booth to cover for our buddy Jason's Accidental Rhythm show, we brought out a bit of inner and outermost beast, spun some killer new tunes, and had our new pals, Jason and Eleanore from The Hundred in the Hands, pop in to have a chat and play a few of their own selections as well.



If you missed the live show, and really you shouldn't have because it was a hoot and a half, then you can always hit up the EVR archives and stream the set as it appeared and sounded when in real time. Killer, right? You can grab the May 28, 2010 edition here and now.


Wondering what we played? Full on track list is below (thanks Anthony), and after that The Hundred in the Hands brand new video for Tom Tom is ready for you to view.


BONUS! We're doing it again this Friday. "It" being doing our fill-in-for-a-friend duty and hosting the 4-6pm time-slot to set your weekend at go speed! Special guest TBA, and you have no reason not to tune in.


Joe Tex - I Got Ya
Major Lazer and La Roux - Colourless Artibella
ceo - Come With Me
Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Jakwob Club Remix)
MNDR - Caligula
Angelique Kidjo - Move On Up (Radioclit Remix)
Jemina Pearl - After Hours
Jessica 6 - Fun Girl
Miike Snow - The Rabbit
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday
Christina Aguilera - Elastic Love

The Hundred in the Hands - In To It
(THitH Selection) - John Jones
Talib Kweli - Get By
Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin

Malente & Dex - Doo Doo Dance
SWV - Blak Pudd'n
Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows
The Golden Filter - Dance Around the Fire
Kele - Tenderoni
Kanye West (featuring Dwele) - Power
Uffie - ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Dominique Young Unique - War Talk
Rihanna - Rude Boy (Cosmic Dawn Remix)
Furacao 2000 x Fever Ray x The Twelves - Um Tapinha Nao Doi (Andre Paste Mash)





mp3: Radioclit vs Guns n Roses - Sweet Secousse of Mine (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)  



Getting to Know Holly Miranda's Sleepless World

Being the known insomniac that I am, it's a pleasure to sit down and chat with an individual who experiences the same restlessness. Hell, if all that's required to construct a stunning solo album is to stay awake more than not, than Holly Miranda has the formula down pat. With the release of The Magician's Private Library earlier this year, the Brooklyn-via-Detroit singer/songwriter tackles the shortness of slumber, whether it's a conscious effort or not.



Miranda's just wrapped her East Coast tour, which came to a conclusion last night at Bowery Ballroom. Performing a large portion of the recent disc, she also covered Yoko Ono and Etta James, two dynamically different singers/songs done with grace and poise. Up next, Holly heads to Australia for a mini-tour but we wanted to have a proper talk with her prior.


Below, you'll find part one of the interview. 


If you like what you hear, then head to East Village Radio to give an ear to the second half of the Q&A.




mp3: Holly Miranda - Aenema (Tool Cover)



Interview Time with Dominique Young Unique

From showing her ass to breaking down music time while spitting out war talk, Dominique Young Unique is one name that's as memorable as it is dead-on accurate. Over the past year, the 19-year old rapper from Tampa, FL has sparked a buzz around the blogs with her truly innovative style, which has lit a flare to signal both that she's arrived and that other emcees, be it male or female, need to take notice....and fair warning.



After a strong showing at this year's SXSW, Dominique is now gearing up to release her first mixtape, Domination (due out the second week of May), headed on tours of Europe and the States beginning next month, all on top of getting her debut album together. Sure that's all the hard and fast details, but we wanted to know a little more about the gal who's been put on our repeated playlists way too often, so a proper chat was deemed necessary. Let's kick it with this "gangster hard hitter outta 8 - 1 - 3".


SB: How did you decide you wanted to be referred to as Dominique Young Unique? It is, for lack of a better term, a unique moniker...and definitely memorable at that!

DYO: Well my name really is Dominique! [laughs] Basically, I came up with the name Dominique Young Unique when I just stepped in the rap game. I was just 12, but it did kind of stand out to me because I am a one of a kind person, got my own twisted up flow and a unique swagg. I get the young because I'll consider myself as a young lady until I reach 21, then I'mm'a take that off! So that's what it is!


Continue reading "Interview Time with Dominique Young Unique" »


Introducing: Bomba Estereo

I'll gladly accept any slaps on the wrist for sleeping on the pure radness that is Bomba Estereo. Merging folk sounds from their Colombian-Caribbean coast like cumbia, bullerengue and champeta, all mixed up with electronica, reggae and hip-hop, this "new to Beastonia outfit produces an explosive dance sound. 




Thankfully, I was able to catch their performance at the Levi's FADER Fort during SXSW last month, and it was easily one of the most talked about sets of the week. Subsequently, Bomba Estereo just announced that they are confirmed to play at the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN.


The band dropped by the East Village Radio booth at SXSW (check the pic!), and let me tell you...they're sexy, stylish, and sound like a bundle of summer fun. 


Watch an interview with Bomba Estereo below.




mp3: Bomba Estereo - Fuego (Pacha Massive Fiyah Remix)

mp3: Bomba Estereo - Cosita Rica


Beastly Bits #5

Rise and shine, you little radlets! It's time to get the day started with a dose of yummy treats.


Before we begin, I'm making a plea to urge you all to donate a few bills to the Haitian relief effort. The country was rocked by a massive earthquake yesterday, and any bit helps the cause to continue in support of international response. Information on how to donate is here.

And now, breakfast is served.


DVW releases his FUCK YEAH 6 mixtape today which contains 3 unreleased originals from the dudeman himself. Download for free here. Pedestrian sits down with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and digs deep into the "perfect way to crack an egg" for the It's Blitz! cover art. Watch the feature here. Dummy has a spectacular interview with Olaf Dreijer of The Knife in regards to the Swedes' penned-opera. Read the radness here. Switch will be DJing at Webster Hall this Friday. Star Eyes (of Trouble and Bass) will also burn the place down that night. Information and ticket purchasing over here. Hungarian duo Slap In The Bass, formerly Dirty Monkeez, provide us with their unofficial rework of a huge 2009 tune: Laidback Luke and Diplo's Hey! They're offering it as a free download below.


mp3: Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (Slap In The Bass Rework)

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