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Introducing: Rogue Vogue

Ooh la la on the super side project tip, in which we find n00bs Rogue Vogue riding the rad wave here in Beastonia, as a production team taking it back to their Chicago funk house roots. Secrets secrets are no fun... but they sure sound good when they come in the form of these two free tracks.




First up is an edit of Roy Ayers' Everybody Loves the Sunshine. My life, my life, my life... my goodness this sounds fantastic. Then, we're treated to a spin on Seals & Crofts' Summer Breeze


Pure pleasures.



Sunshine'n by RogueVogue 


Breezy by RogueVogue 




Introducing: James Delay

Little is known, as of right now, about James Delay. But here's to wishing, hoping and guaranteeing that said notion will all soon change, thanks to a brilliant debut slice of lovely electro pie. The East London-based DJ and producer has tickled nearly every one of our senses with the song Howl, and we say nearly every one, because I don't think you can taste tunes. Although if you could, this would be the super yummiest cut to indulge in.


James delay


Not only do I wanna eat up this song at every passing moment, but I also wanna bay at the moon [bay=howl, duh] whilst listening to it. Makes the beast in me get animalistically tingly.


Hey, the remix from Fear of Theydon is pretty rad as well. Get 'em. Just... yeah, get 'em, after you watch the official video.


James Delay's Howl is out now via Russell Club Records. Buy it on iTunes.






mp3: James Delay - Howl

mp3: James Delay - Howl (Fear of Theydon Remix)




Introducing: Oliver (U-Tern and Oligee)

You may separately know the names Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein, but now you can associate them with one duo-riffic title, simply known as Oliver. Minimalism in names at its finest, and musicality at it's even finer-est.




Follow 'em on twitter @weareoliver, grab their original tracks, All Night (below) and Walk WIth Me (here), or their remix of Don Diablo and Dragonette's Animale.


Each of those options come highly Beaston approved!




mp3: Don Diablo (featuring Dragonette) - Animale (Oliver Remix)

mp3: Oliver - All Night




Introducing: Reema Major

In this history of heralding upcoming rapstresses here in Beastonia, I've covered a pretty fair portion of spitters, stylers and scenesters, but none of have come as young as the one we're super geeking out about right now. Back in early '09, it was 17 year old Azealia Banks who turned my head and ear. 2010 has belonged to 19 year old Dominique Young Unique's super steez, but today, it's 15 year old Reema Major who's getting the Beaston stamp of approval. 





The Toronto-based teen hit the Canadian scene by way of Kansas City, but don't let her North American homebase fool you: Major speaks Arabic and Tribal Tongue (Sudan) in addition to native English. Apparently she was also born in a jail cell...whoa. Reema's already released two singles, Gucci Bag and Arabian Princess, to a limited online outlet, but recently, she's found a fan not only in this blogger, but also in rock legend Gene Simmons. Headscratch, what? Here's what the tongued-one has to say:


Two days ago, I was in Toronto doing promotion and media for our first signing, THE ENVY…

While there, Universal’s Mark Spicoluk suggested that I meet REEMA MAJOR and Kwajo, head of G7 Records. We met at the hotel… and, well… I was awe struck. I’ve been around the music industry for 37 years. There is a phrase — maybe you’ve heard it…”EITHER YOU’VE GOT IT… OR YOU DON’T.”

And Reema Major has “it.”

She is all of 15 years old. She was born in a jail cell. She raps. She struts. She IS style. Reema, Kwajo and the G7 crew met to talk about our interest in signing Reema. And then we decided to go get some Starbucks, which was next door. The excitement that Reema caused was immediate and overwhelming. A crowd gathered right away. A television crew picked up on the excitement, and we were interviewed on the street. We, at Simmons/Universal, intend on putting the full court press on this ARTIST, which is what she is.

You will be hearing a lot about her. Remember her name – REEMA MAJOR.



Holy moly, when Simmons speaks, we listen, but when Reema Major spits, we freaking pay attention! You can download Major's Youngest in Charge mixtape for free here. Also check out this freestyle she spits on a recent radio show. It's dope like whoa.


Can't wait to hear what comes next out of this emerging talent!




mp3: Reema Major - Arabic Princess

mp3: Reema Major - Gucci Bag





Introducing: Kimbra

Earlier this week, I touched on the awesome quality of Kimbra's voice, thanks to her collaboration with Miami Horror for their upcoming debut album, Illumination. Aside from their stellar production, it was her crisp and unique tones that immediately stood out. With that said, we're giving the New Zealander her own headlining piece within the Beaston-files today. It's well-deserved.



On her debut single, Settle Down, Kimbra enlisted the rad power of producers Francois Tetaz (Architecture in Helsinki and Gotye) and Aussie-dude, M-Phazes (Amerie and Pharoahe Monch), to construct a song that was equally parts fitting of her voice and quirky aesthetic. Kimbra notes that the song is, "a rhythmic collage of handclaps, cheeky horn parping and a ballooning bassline married to an escapist lyric about domesticity".


I say, this is an immediate go-to for repeated plays and I can't wait to hear more from the 20-year old up-and-comer.


Settle Down is taken from her forthcoming debut album, Vows. You can download it for free after watching the video, which is equally pleasing. 



mp3: Kimbra - Settle Down 


Introducing: Natalia Kills

When you enter the realm of all things beastly, you're gonna get hit with a lovely sprinkling of music from all genres. And then on certain occasions, we go waaay into guilty pleasure mode and pull out a "trashy banger" (honestly meant in the most complimentary fashion...seriously), and get that ish on repeat like a boss. So let's give a hello to Natalia Kills. She's been on our radar, and a bunch of our friends' sites over the past few months, but it's time we give her due props. Onward!



Natalia Kills is a British artist (she's actually half-Jamaican and Uruguayan!), who's recently been signed to Cherrytree Records. She's had a few singles circulating, including Activate My Heart and Zombie, but it's her newest single, Mirrors, that's got me in a ridiculous frenzy. After the teaser went up earlier this week, the full track eventually found its way out, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of my most played songs as of late.


The song is both apt for radio play and perfect for late night grinds and grooves. Plus, when you've got lyrics like, "turning the lights out // tighten the handcuffs // and the mirrors gonna fog tonight...", I mean whoa...hot.


Keep an eye and ear out for her in coming weeks, cause I expect beastly-amazing things from Camp Kills. She'll make your love grenade explode.


Natalia Kills - Mirrors



mp3: Natalia Kills - Zombie (Kleerup Remix)




Introducing: Maximum Balloon

Stop everything you're doing at this very moment and pay attention, because that's exactly what I'm doing. While Maximum Balloon material has been floating around for a few weeks, it's in this very moment that a certain set of songs made my ears and eyes perk up this morning. And it's not for lack of intrigue...more like "lack of an army of beastly minions to assist with my daily duties here". But then again, I'm so OCD with how I run this, that said situation is unlikely to ever occur. But shit...let's just get back to the music, cause isn't that why we all come here in the first place? Whew.....end. rant. now.



So how dare I title this as an "introducing" post, when in all reality, it should be labeled as an "oh wow, totally awesome, super next level rad to the max" categorical selection. But hey, we roll with what we got...


Maximum Balloon is the solo work of Dave Sitek, most notably recognized as the guitarist of TV On the Radio. When I say solo work, it's with a small disclaimer, as his amazing production work couples with other featured artists, including: Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, Karen O, Holly Miranda, and Little Dragon. The first experience I had with MB is the immediate attention-grabber, Tiger, which features Aku from Dragons of Zynth. The single officially saw a release on June 15, and the corresponding video is yours to view below.


The album is due out August 24 via DGC/Interscope Records. You can also watch a semi-NSFW video for Tiger, which features Daisy Lowe dancing for Esquire. 


PS: if you've been a diligent blog-reader in recent days, you'll know that just yesterday Dave released the second single, featuring a certain dapper dude, and one of my "Beaston-faves". More on that later, because tomorrow's Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio will be bringing some "balloon-related fire". So, no spoilers...yet.




mp3: Maximum Balloon (featuring Aku) - Tiger




Introducing: The Aikiu

What's my latest obsession you ask? Well, maybe you're not asking, but I'm going to tell you anyways. It should come as no surprise that the French discopop of The Aikiu has been inhabiting a lot of my ear space over the past few weeks. And it's all thanks to one single, the lad's debut one no less, and it's complementary remixes that's had me in perma-grin mode.



Alex Aikiu, the man behind the band, as well as the charismatic front-man of this three-piece Parisian art-pop collective, consisting also of Julien Vichnievsky and Cedric Pilooski. Leave it to Pilooski to have me swooning again, but it seems like everything he touches turns to beastly-gold.


But it's The Aikiu's debut offering, Just Can't Sleep, that's got me doing just as the song implies. Perfect for lazy afternoon listenings or dark and mysterious dancefloors before the crack of daylight, the song "is about a love affair with the late 70's and early 80's in New York City; a time when the city was in despair and at its lowest in places and extremely high in plenty of others. Studio 54, one of those infamous places where many worlds collided under one roof, all with an air of decadence, disco and glamor. There’s also that paranoid element to it though. If you want the party never to stop, you’re inevitably going to get dark", so says Alex.


Sounds like perfection to me. Cop the single here and watch the video below.



mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)

mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep



Introducing: Ramona

Ramona is a band, not an individual, and collectively, these 3 dudes led by vocalist Karen Anne, are quick to pique my interest by combining straightforward arrangements with a pure rock sensibility. IT's hard to find a good dose on information on the Brighton bunch, so I'm going to toss you what I do know, then let the music do the talking. It speaks volumes.



Ramona are in the midst of their first tour after playing an introducing spot at Scotland's T In The Park Festival finding fans in Lissie and Carice Van Houten. They have a 7" coming out at the beginning of September and are working on their debut album, due out next year. 


That's the grand scope of it. If you hit their MySpace, you can hear the songs How Long and Steve McQueen. You can also grab an mp3 of the former below.


There is also a movie that is coming out today called Ramona & Beezus. Ok, so while that has absolutely nothing to do with these musicians, hey hey, what a coincidence! Keep your eyes and ears out for this band...sounds like they've got big things ready to rock your beastly existence.


mp3: Ramona - How Long



Introducing: Rai Knight

Also known as, get this ish in your ear holes right now. Rai Knight's made a bit of noise throughout blogworld dot com's'ville over the past few weeks, and I'd be remiss if I didn't add a little kindling to the fire that's already burning in her honor. The Warren, MI native roots herself in nouveau'mage. Get it? Like nouveau, as in modern, and eau'mage as in an homage to a retro rad sound. And/or I'm just mashing up words to describe how killer her sound is because I'm at a loss for real lingo. Right on...



Self-described as "trip-pop with soul", Knight is a triple-threat in that she sings, writes and produces her own original material. The young, budding talent quickly found a niche within my playlists, thanks to relevantly-rad tunes like Pied Piper and Pivotal, but be warned, she's been recording experimental style beats off a boombox since she was 9, so she's got the chops to back it up.


With production from The Skouts and FrontStreet Records repping her, this gal's got the goods to make me groove. Recently, she'd offered up a few tracks that are rocking my world, including New New, which you can also feast your eyes on in video form below.


And heads up Beaston-ites. I'll be spinning some Rai Knight on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast tonight, airing from 8-10pm EST. I won't say exactly when, because I am a traffic monger and want you to listen to me wax on the whole time. 




mp3: Rai Knight - Pied Piper

mp3: Rai Knight - New New


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