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Retro/Grade - Reset (new single & video!)

One of my most favoritest newest bestest songs to listen and love up on is Retro/Grade's Reset, the forthcoming single from the Italian duo of Serge Santiago and Tom Neville, who were signed to the Deconstruction label late last year. So yeah, there's really no room for their failure here in Beastonia. Love love love this.




The single's out March 21, but you can hear it (almost guaranteed) every week on my East Village Radio show, Belly of the Beast. 'Tis that rad!


The video's out now.


You can watch it.






mp3: Retro/Grade - Reset




Fare Soldi - Tutto, Tutti, Sempre, Subito (Justin Faust Remix)

If you think that song title is a mouthful, wait til you give an ear to the magical mix our pal, Justin Faust, throws down on it. Fare Soldi and their discofunk original get a wash of wavey wonderment, thanks to the mixer's marvelous mitts. 


Fare Soldi's original track, Tutto, Tutti, Sempre, Subito, can be found on the 2009 compilation, Italo School: Volume 1. If you're unfamiliar with the song, you can stream it here.

In typical Faust-fashion, we're treated to a staggering selection of hand-claps and punching beats, that only help to enhance a song we were already head over heels in love with. And if that's not enough radness for you, Fare Soldi hooked up the cool cats over at bigstereo with a 45-minute mix titled Dancing with the Monster 2, that's had me dancing in my office chair all morning long.


mp3: Fare Soldi - Tutto, Tutti, Sempre, Subito (Justin Faust Remix)

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