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James Delay - I Am Error (new song!)

You know what we really like? Good music. Loaded answer? Sure. But when it comes to newbie, James Delay, there's really no other option than to classify his gentle touches as really really good great music. Seriously beasts. And with the advent of a new song, which we're happy to debut here, well, shit. We let Delay's ditties do the talking.




The new song is called I Am Error


The new song is a seductive slink through an instrumentally sonic scape that makes us feel some real feelings, much like his last tune, Howl, sent us through. This kid's got the goods.


And you can get 'em below. 'Em being the goods. The goods being this new jam.




mp3: James Delay - I Am Error




Introducing: James Delay

Little is known, as of right now, about James Delay. But here's to wishing, hoping and guaranteeing that said notion will all soon change, thanks to a brilliant debut slice of lovely electro pie. The East London-based DJ and producer has tickled nearly every one of our senses with the song Howl, and we say nearly every one, because I don't think you can taste tunes. Although if you could, this would be the super yummiest cut to indulge in.


James delay


Not only do I wanna eat up this song at every passing moment, but I also wanna bay at the moon [bay=howl, duh] whilst listening to it. Makes the beast in me get animalistically tingly.


Hey, the remix from Fear of Theydon is pretty rad as well. Get 'em. Just... yeah, get 'em, after you watch the official video.


James Delay's Howl is out now via Russell Club Records. Buy it on iTunes.






mp3: James Delay - Howl

mp3: James Delay - Howl (Fear of Theydon Remix)



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