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Stream This Now: Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix)

It's cool and weird. That's all.



Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon 




Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (new song!)

Is there anyone else right now who makes us more excited for the future of "new" music more so than mister Jamie Woon does?


Lady luck


Easy answer.


No. And "oh yes yes yes...", at the same time.




stream: Jamie Woon - Lady Luck



Jamie Woon - Blue Truth (new song!)

Check it. I'm beyond exhausted, but feeling revitalized by this new Jamie Woon track. Yet my weariness bodes for noncreative words, so I'm ctrl-C'ing and ctrl-V'ing straight from a press release. Oh the horror!


Jamie woon


The reception to [Jamie Woon's] Night Air track and the remixes from Ramadanman, Deadboy and Becoming Real as well as the video directed by Lorenzo Fonda has been amazing. Just before we see out the year Jamie has posted a new track up on his Soundcloud which can also be downloaded in exchange for an email. Blue Truth doesn't feature on Jamie's album but as you can hear, the similar darkness encapsulated in Night Air is clearly present.
See that wasn't so harmless, eh?
Bonus mix too. 

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