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Wax Motif & Neoteric's Go Deep is Out Now

The latest release on Southern Fried Records comes courtesy of Wax Motif & Neoteric. Go Deep is a slice of quality house music and remixes come from Keith & Supabeatz, Gingy and Maxxi Soundsystem. 




Buy the brand new radness here. This EP also proves the point that chopping and smoothing out Janet cuts will always get you posted on these pages, as well as finding room on every set list I ever spin out. See: Prince Club's Love Jackson



Wax Motif & Neoteric: Go Deep by Southern Fried Records 



mp3: Wax Motif and Neoteric - Go Deep (Extended Mix)



Prince Club - Love Jackson

This is like, oh, my favorite song ever right now. Cool Canadians, Prince Club, took Janet Jackson's 2001 hit, Someone to Call My Lover, and pitched 'dem vocals waaaaay down and gave this "original" tune of theirs a quite nice house vibe that just sounds all sorts of right.


Love jackson


It's pretty awesome to hear in your headphones or out at a club, in which we've experienced both, and lay them on the same playing field of listening love.


And for posterity's sake, you're getting JJ's original, as well as a retrospective peek at the video, which I used to love a whole lot. In fact, still do. ALSO, you ARE aware that Ms. Jackson's song sampled America's Ventura Highway, right? See!


Funky lil' guit-riffs. Woo!






mp3: Prince Club - Love Jackson

mp3: Janet Jackson - Someone to Call My Lover



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