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Florrie - Give Me Your Love (new song!)

It's the summer of Florrie via Xenomania via all things lusciously awesomely pop-tinged and perfected! And very shortly, this season is going to get even hotter, because after we hit you up with the new song, Give Me Your Love, our fave fresh new femme is going to top that off with a second new song, You Wanna Start Something.



Give Me Your Love is a brand new original from the talented tow-head, and oh man, those deep drums are something grand! A sprinkling of piano, Florrie's crisp vocals and the swooping energy into the chorus make this a great slice of fun for all those "predators to catch their prey"!


Listen in and you'll know what I'm talking about. So good.


BONUS: as mentioned, we'll have You Wanna Start Something to share very soon, but in the meantime, you can gobble up the Jaxon remix of Come Back to Mine.


mp3: Florrie - Come Back to Mine (Jaxon Remix)

mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love



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