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J*Davey - Outta the Window (new video!)

Want to see some pre-Beastly gnarliness? Ok...one of the first artists I ever wrote and raved about was the super fly funk and soul of J*Davey...which brings us to this link from March of 2008. Look at that ol' nasty site layout! What defies the aesthetics, however, is the lasting power that this duo has had on me. With a new video for an exquisite track, we can forget about past embarrassments and simply revel in the rad.



This pair, known properly as Ms. Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau, are two of the most stylish and uniquely sexiest cats to stroll through our site. Having released a free mixtape/album last year, we've been given a glimpse into their sleek singsong world. 


One cut from The Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape (which you can still snag for the cost of nothing here) that we immediately crushed on was Outta the Window, a hand clapper of a sweet ride with a tight and tasty bass line and lyrics to match.


And now there's a video. And now we also demand that today be known as "funkalicious hump day". Yep, that'll do.



mp3: JDavey - End of Your World (Mamas Back)



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