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Recap: The Fool's Gold and Jelly Pool Party Was, In Fact, Not The Last One

And damn it, I'm psyched as psyched can be that we've got one more week to revel in the radness that is this summer's Jelly Pool Party events, down at the Williamsburg Waterfront. After major OSA vs Jelly eFisticuffs went down, I awakened this past Sunday morning to news that next week's Delorean and Dominique Young Unique-featuring event is back on. Hooray! But before we get too far ahead, let's take a lil' looksy at the weekend that was: rain, rum, record labels and all.



Fool's Gold had the distinguishing honor of curating the day's lineup, and what better way to do so than with a ton of their friends and, literally, family. Chromeo (half made of the other brother Macklovitch, he who heads up the label...A-Trak), Kid Sister (A's girl), The Suzan and Telephoned rounded out the bill, with deck destroyer Kingdom offering up the in-betwixt set spins.


The rain delayed everything just a smidge, but the warm confines of the All Saints Pub once again proved a proper breeding ground for afternoon shenanigans, high fives, hollering at hot contingents, and giving us good reason to smile and toss 'em back in anticipation of next week's sayonara soiree. Also, we know who that TBA guest is. You're probably going to want to be in attendance.


Full set of pictures from this past Sunday's Pool Party can be viewed here. And yeah, they're all from behind and/or in All Saints cause I didnt feel like getting dropped on with precipitation. Baby Beast. 






mp3: Chromeo - Night By Night (Skreams Sex Step Remix)



Recap: Wet, Wild and Wonderful at the Pool Party with !!! and Friends

Not gonna lie...this wasn't my favorite lineup of this summer's Jelly Pool Parties, although with the headlining act of !!! providing a pop punch, there was no doubt we'd still have a rad time. And we did! While the rain kept East River State Park (nay, it'll always be the Williamsburg Waterfront to us) a bit more on the desolate side, most of our bestie bestests came out to kick it and listen to great music, even if we "eared up" from the confines of the All Saints Pub for a majority of the day. Tons of hugs and high fives with new and old pals alike were in abundance, and heck if we didn't bounce out of there with a super big grin on our smug mug. 



A splash of rain, a healthy heap of "da rummings" of Sailor Jerry and a soundtrack of rock, pop, experimental and amazing brass banding (seriously, Lee Fields was on some tight and titillating sensual steez!) all resulted in a really spectacular afternoon. And if you weren't there, well then, boo you...but you can live vicariously through some images. Say hey!


More pictures will be available here tomorrow. Internet/uploader is on a slow roll tonight.







mp3: !!! - The Most Certain Sure




Recap: Cut Copy Headlined the August 8 Modular-Curated Pool Party

For this past weekend's installment of the summer Pool Party series at the Williamsburg Waterfront, Jelly teamed up with their Modular label pals for an Aussie-curated Sunday fun day. With Cut Copy headlining, and support coming via Restless People, Glasser, Memory Tapes and PUNCHES, there was no denying how massive the turn out would be. Lines formed early, kids waited patiently, and it all paid off with an afternoon jam-packed with good music, great friends, and the shaded solace of the All Saints Pub.



Next week's event brings together !!!, Lee Fields, The Strange Boys and Future Islands. After that, the 22nd of the month couples the Fool's Gold dream team of Chromeo, Kid Sister, The Suzan and Telephoned, before rounding out our favorite summer Sunday activity on August 29 with Delorean, Dominique Young Unique and some as yet to be announced "super special guests". 


Here's to hoping those two pair up for a duet...am I right? Spanish dance-rock and a Tampa spitter with a flair for the dirty vernacular...match made in heaven, ha!


Check out the full gallery of pictures from this weekend's event here.









mp3: Cut Copy - Where Im Going (Ghost Rock Remix)




EVR's Belly of the Beast: PUNCHES, Glasser and Modular All Drop by the Booth This Week

Big tings poppin' in the East Village Radio booth tomorrow, on our weekly show, Belly of the Beast. Being that this Sunday is the Modular-curated Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront, there's no better way to express our excitement for the affair, than by having a bona fide celebration of our own this Thursday, August 5, from 8-10pm.



The lineup for this Sunday's Jelly NYC soirée includes Cut Copy, Memory Tapes, Glasser and Restless People, with local trio, PUNCHES, providing the between-set spins. Greg, Darin and Alan will be in the booth to talk shop and maybe we  can convince them to do a live song for us. Gotta tune in to find out.


Glasser will also pop in for a quick chat, along with resident expert, Shelley, from the Modular family. I'll be spinning songs from all participating acts during the segment as well.


'Tis gon' be a beast of a show, so you know the drill: Thursday, August 5 from 8-10pm...Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio. Tuners-ins are my favorite.


mp3: Glasser - Lessons Learned (YACHT Remix)

mp3: PUNCHES - Let Go



Recap: Jelly NYC's Block Party on August 1

Well, it wasn't quite the raging block party atmosphere that we had every intention of expecting, but with free spirits flowing and showing at All Saints prior to the band/Brooklyn Bowl portion of the afternoon, Jelly's Block (not pool) Party on August 1 brought out a solid group of super fashionable and friendly kids.



With the All Saints lounge kicking off the afternoon with DJ sets from Apache Beat's Ilirjana and DJ Whitney Fierce, a number of local friends, old and new, gathered for imbibings of the no-cost kind. Dodgeball was still in effect, albeit 2 blocks down on Kent, and the live performances, well those were relegated to Brooklyn Bowl. Sets came courtesy of ArpLine, Darlings and Ted Leo. 


Next week, the Pool Party returns to the Waterfront, and it's the Modular-curated party, aka, the one we're most looking forward to, because Cut Copy, Memory Tapes, Glasser and Restless People will be taking the stage, along with PUNCHES providing the in-between set spins. Yay.


View the full gallery of pictures here.










mp3: Scarface x Ratatat - Party With Children On My Block (Dave Wrangler Mix)



Kid Sister: Repping Bud Light Lime and She's One of the "TBA" Artists for The Pool Parties

'Tis true! And I have no video evidence to prove the first half of this mystery-revealing post. Stellar reporting here, really. But I can offer this piece of proof that occurred during last evening's television time in Beastonia. Also, her producer confirmed it here, so facts are facts: Santigold's Lights Out has FINALLY been ousted by Kid Sister's Daydreaming as the official song to soundtrack the national campaign for Bud Light Lime. Love both you ladies...still hate the beer.



Naturally, once video is uploaded from somewheres, I'll re-visit this post and freshen it up with the clip.


Now for the second piece of information: when Jelly announced their Pool Parties lineup, a number of TBA acts filled the bills. Doing some Sherlock-spyglass-detective work centering around the August 22 event, we can conclude that KS will be performing at the Williamsburg Waterfront. How so?


As of now, the lineup for that date still reads as: Chromeo, TBA, The Suzan, Telephoned. Now if you you go to Sis' site, scroll down to "tour dates", and yep, she's on the docket. Super sleuthy, eh? FYI, she's also pals with all those artists, so it was kind of an obvious TBA mystery. Ta-dah!


mp3: Kid Sister - Daydreaming (Jakwob Remix)




The Pool Party: A Divison of Joy With Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Fang Island, Why? and Pictureplane

Perfect weather, tons of rad kids and a massively major lineup set the stage for the summer's first Pool Party on the Williamsburg Waterfront. While the warm weather season began with queried "will they or won't they" whispers circulating, the season's festivities were announced a few days prior to the initial shindig. First up, was the collection of Pictureplane, Why?, Fang Island, but ultimately the headlining collaboration between Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu, which immediately became a heat-seeking missile of attention warranting.




The supporting acts began the day with an energetic installment of their finest work. From goth'lectro-dance to straight good ol' boy rock, Pictureplane, Why? and Fang Island upped the anticipatory buzz factor before the main music got to gettin'.


With Xiu Xiu's main man Jamie Stewart helming a mash of the two bands, he along with members of Deerhoof, put on a spectacular show in which the collective recreated and covered the entirety of Joy Division's iconic album, Unknown Pleasures. The crowd, a scattering of young admirers of the bands and staunch supporters of the legendary English rock troupe, were treated to a re-imagining of the disc, while paying respect to Curtis, Hook, Morris and Sumner by sticking true to the arrangements that are so beloved.


From She's Lost Control to Disorder, Candidate and every song in between, the stage was full of energy and excitement: a fitting tribute, and an event that was pleasurable on all fronts. You can watch video of Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof performing  Shadowplay below. We'll see you next week on the water!


Full gallery of images from the day can be viewed here.







mp3: Xiu Xiu - Gray Death

mp3: Deerhoof - +81




2010 Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties Lineup Announced

For real this time (after the fakery of yesterday). These are the free ones, beasts. You know, the lineup we've been clamoring to get word of for months. Paid events be durned; we like to be the sweatiest of all sweaty monsters at the outdoor space...for the cost of naught!



Rain or shine, the seven free shows take place at the Williamsburg Waterfont on Sunday afternoons beginning on July 11. Soon!


Lineup as below.


July 11
Deerhoof + Xiu Xiu doing Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures // Why? // Fang Island // Pictureplane

July 18
Murder City Devils // Obits // Jeff the Brotherhood // Silverghost

July 25
Cap 'N Jazz // Lightning Bolt // No Age // The Death Set

August 1 
The Pool Parties presents Free Block Party at Brooklyn Bowl 
Lineup TBA

August 8
Cut Copy // Memory Tapes // Restless People // Glasser

August 15
Curated with Doug Defalco
!!! // Lee Fields and the Expressions // The Strange Boys // Future Islands

August 22
Curated by Fools Gold
Chromeo // SECRET GUEST // The Suzan // Telephoned

August 29
SECRET GUEST // SECRET GUEST // Delorean // Dominique Young Unique 




mp3: Dominique Young Unique - The World Is Mine

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