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Ryskee (ft Jenny Wilson) - Horrors of Love (Fare Soldi Spaghetti Molto Bene Remix)

Ryskee. Not Riskay, as in Smell Yo D*ck. Whatever. This new song from the former, featuring my Swedish gal pal Jenny Wilson, and coming complete with a remix from Italian rad dudes, Fare Soldi, is a mess. A really cool mess that I love. I don't even know where to let my brain start comprehending things, cause it's all sorts of here and there and everywhere in between. And then Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff call out for "drums, please!". What. Is. Going. On?




And you guys, the entire EP is really good, with remixes coming from Mr. OizoKeith & Supabeatz, Jamaica, and hosting the original and radio edits of said song.


Buy it here now.






mp3: Ryskee (ft Jenny Wilson) - Horrors of Love (Fare Soldi Spaghetti Molto Bene Remix)



Take My Breath Away: Jenny Wilson Shines During Intimate New York City Show

Sure, the first few words of that title reference the song that Jenny Wilson collaborated on with The Knife nearly seven years ago, but watching the singer perform last night at Pianos, to a warmly inviting and intimate audience, I've found myself near a loss of words to describe the magic that exudes from the musician in a live setting. Thus, I'll give it a go regardless, because talent and ingenuity as such needs to be rewarded in a most beastly fashion.



Wilson has been a staple of the Swedish pop/art rock scene for a better part of the decade, and like all good artists from non-Stateside territories are, had gone largely unnoticed here. Her debut album, Love and Youth, was released in her homeland in 2005, with the follow-up, Hardships!, seeing a  release early last year. Now, the latter is finally getting it's proper US debut on August 24, and in anticipation of the effort, Wilson jumped to NYC to do a bit of promo and performing.


Two nights ago, she enchanted the crowd at Union Hall, but last night's showing at the lower east side venue was simply spectacular. Wilson sat and sang at the piano for all but one song (borrowing a guitar for the other), and enlisting the back-up vocals of Sabina Ddumba, a 16 year old singer from the Tensta Gospel Choir. Let me say that again...16 YEARS OLD, with a strikingly-clear and emotive voice that resonates well beyond her years. Together, the ladies coursed through a 40-minute set of quirky and unique songs, including album standouts Like a Fading Rainbow and Only Here For the Fight, the latter of which I captured on video (below).


If you missed either of Jenny's performances this week, fear not, for you have one more chance to get in on the wonder of Ms. Wilson. She'll be dropping by the debut Belly of the Beast show on East Village Radio tonight to have a chat, do an acoustic set, and spin some tracks from the new album. Tune in at 8pm!


Full set of images from last night's show can be viewed here.







mp3: Jenny Wilson - Like A Fading Rainbow




Introducing: Belly of the Beast, Thursdays 8-10pm on East Village Radio

Normally, I save my "introducing" posts for bands or artists that I know little to nothing about, or to feature a musician that I've not been on the "up-and-ups" in getting out to you dear readers in a timely fashion. HOWEVER, lemme be an introducer of rad radio steez, because me, myself and I will be piping hot new tunes live, every Thursday, on Belly of the Beast...which, as you can guess, is now a weekly show on East Village Radio. So amped!



As many of you have already guessed, given my penchant for waxing rad on the lower Manhattan radio station, and having filled in on a number of occasions for DJs on vacation, I'm slightly psyched, nix that, I'M PUMPED AS A BEAST to have 2 hours a week at my disposal to play killer music, bring super sweet guests into the booth, and generally have an awesome time...that you're ALL going to tune in for, right? RIGHT!


Tomorrow, Thursday July 15, marks the premiere Belly of the Beast show/stream, and there's really only one proper way to go about celebrating. Sure we might toss one back post-show, but during the broadcast, Swedish songstress, and one of my favorite artists, Jenny Wilson, will be coming by to chat and do an acoustic performance as well. How bananas flambé rad to the max is that? I'll answer. It is.


So tune in tomorrow, and every Thursday, from 8-10pm EST. It's the beastly thing to do.


mp3: The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden

mp3: Jenny Wilson - Pass Me the Salt (Safe House Stuff Remix)



Jenny Wilson Playing Two Intimate NYC Dates

Jenny Wilson, Swedish songstress and guest vocalist for one of my favorite tracks from The Knife, is coming to New York City in two weeks, and there's really no reason for you not to check out one of her two small venue shows she's getting ready for. 




After catching her debut NYC performance during CMJ last year, and subsequently falling in love with her album, Hardships (finally due out in the US on August 24 via Gold Medal Recordings), Wilson appears to be Sweden's best kept secret. For those lucky enough to have caught her last year, however, oh we know. We know.


Now, Jenny's coming back to the city for two nights of amazing music. First up, she'll hit Union Hall on Tuesday July 13 (ticketsbefore jumping over to Pianos (tickets) the following evening for her second performance. There's no doubt in mind that I'll be at one of these gigs and I'd encourage you to check out her tunes and hit up her live affair.


Straddling the line between R&B, gospel, and pop, Jenny stuns audiences with her powerful live shows. Not to be missed.


mp3: Robyn and Jenny Wilson - List of Demands (Saul Williams Cover)

mp3: Jenny Wilson - Only Here For The Fight



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