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I don't even know where to begin with this one. Wait, yes I do. In mid-October, some kid(s) we all know and love within our respective blogosphere and online networks were at an event to which the tweets began to fly that a "human mashup" was spinning the party. Said mash was a mix of ugh, Snooki, and well, me. If you know me IRL, then you know I don't resemble the pickle puckered dwarf in any way, shape or form, but c'est la vie, this encounter has spawned all sorts of net-worthy treats.




The first of which is a twitter account by the name of SNOOKI BEASTON. out of which reveal some of the funnier tweets this side of the Jersey Shore. Recently, an AIM name came to the surface in which conversations are all typed in caps, DUH.


The latest and greatest of all extremities of said virtual encounters is a minimix of verifiably fist-pump worthy tunes, lovingly dubbed the SNOOKI BEASTON BIG TINGS MIXXX. (track list after the player, with a super duper bonus cut after that)


Now let it be known, I have NO association with the online persona or presence of this evil little mastermind. But I do have an idea of who's behind it. No fun in revealing the secrets...so let's just drop this mix on you before we jet out the door for a night time GTL sesh. 





Homebwoi - Gimme a Break 
Art of Noise - Love 
Deeon - Freek U Rite 
Disco Rick and the Dogs - I Know a Bitch 
[white label release] 
Deeon - Headhunters 
Aaron-Carl - Gold Diggers Theme 
Aaron-Carl - South Side 734 
[white label release] 
Nephets - Gettin' Some Juked 
Slugo - Juke That Back Low 
DJ Yola - Ain't Gon' Let Up 
TI - Ride Wit Me 
Missy Elliott - Sock it 2 Me 
[white label release] 
Cupid Shuffle (Juke Jams Remix) 
J-Laini - Fuck N' Tell



mp3: DJ Pauly D - Beat Dat Beat




Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend

It's a new summa jam for you to bump and jump to! Thanks to the lovely tones of Chicago's Kid Sister and the Queens-bred twins of Nina Sky, the title of the track says it all, and yep, I'm now 100% ready for the weekend to begin. Any thoughts of being productive at work today have sufficiently flown the nest. Enter the fist [pumps].




Jumping on a track together seems like somewhat of a no-brainer. All three ladies have a distinct sound and style, yet they are highly complementary of one another. With the sassy street style of KS matching wits with the NS duo's house-cum-hip-hop vibe, Look Out Weekend quickly hits the apex of our "we don't wanna be at work no more" and "I've got the itch to ditch" playlists.


It should be noted that one, this is a remake of Debbie Deb's original tune, Lookout Weekend, and two, this collaboration is featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack (pre-order here), making this song the best by-product of the reality series, second only to the goddess that is Snooki.


Maybe they can enlist her for a track on the second season's soundtrack? One can dream. Til then, grab this jawn now!


mp3: Kid Sister and Nina Sky - Look Out Weekend


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