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My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes (new video!)

Ok, whoa. I love everything about this. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Two of the most charismatically-dynamic performers, and all-around kickass human beings, are Jack and Gretta of Chicago's My Gold Mask. Seriously...I dig everything coming out of camp-MGM. There are my most-favorite addiction.


The pair have just posted up the official Violet Eyes video. It was directed by their pal, Jim Newberry. Shot in both HD as well as with a low-res PixelVision camera, the video is an homage and perfectly-pieced together rush of emotions that plays off the dramatically-intense nature of the song itself. Give it a view now! 



Reminder: go buy My Gold Mask's A Thousand Voices EP here. It will legitimately be one of your single greatest purchases all year. Upcoming live dates can also be found here.


mp3: My Gold Mask - Bitches (The Hood Internet Remix)

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