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Brett Domino Performs Nelly Furtado Medley Using Household Objects

And instruments. But mostly, I'm pretty infatuated with Brett Domino's "hither come nerdish genius" interpretation of a number of top of the pop chart toppers. He's done Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, and now he's graced us with a medley of Nelly Furtado tunes that span her entire career. Check out the video now, which features the songs: Maneater, Promiscuous, Say It Right, Turn Off The Lights, I’m Like A Bird and Night Is Young; all whilst using objects like kazoos, iPhone xylos, keytars, shower heads, bucket tops and more. More amazing than you can imagine.








mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young (BURNS Vocal Remix)

mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young




Beastly Bits #117

I just spent an hour+ stuck on the subway. Mucho grrrrrrs and arghs right now...all pointed in the direction of the MTA. If you dare hike my fare and limit the unlimited passes, hell will be raised.



Super fast installment of the bits forthwith...


Robyn performed on Letterman last night. Told you I'd hit you with the clip this AM. link


Tokyo Police Club gets Amplified. link


Be jealous of Forbes' rich musicians list. link


We Are Scientists announce UK tour and ticket details. link


Sheryl Crow and Justin Timberlake cover Terence Trent D'Arby's Sign Your Name. Weird but I like it. link


mp3: Sheryl Crow (ft Justin Timberlake) - Sign Your Name (Terence Trent DArby Cover)



Beastly Bits #75

Holy hell it's finally Friday. This has been a long ol' week, but it's equally been chock full of awesome.




What's everyone up to this weekend? There's lots of cool happening in the city, so I expect to see each and every one of you out and about. 


Kylie Minogue has a new song. Bit of a yawner for a supposed "comeback" single, but I guarantee after a few more listens, I'll be loving on All the Lovers. link


Tame Impala are streaming their entire album, Innerspeaker. Would be a wise move to go have a listen, because it's solid as stone. link


Mary J. Blige has been tapped to play Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic. link


The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards is set to release his autobiography in October. link


New tunes to grab this morning come courtesy of Gentleman Thieves, Chew Fu and Anton Glamb.


mp3: Timbaland and Justin Timberlake - Carry Out (Chew Fu No MSG Fix)

mp3: Rihanna - Rude Boy (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)

mp3: Anton Glamb - Lurking Hard


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