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Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now (new song!)

Is this from Dark Twisted Fantasy, formerly known as Good Ass Job, aka Kanye West's forthcoming 5th studio album? That remains to be seen...but does not remain to be heard, because you can listen to See Me Now below.



Seems like the Beyonce and Charlie Wilson-featuring track will be included on the upcoming effort, as Yeezy dropped by Hot 97 with Angie Martinez earlier today to debut this album cut.


Give the feel-good track a listen now! 




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson) - See Me Now



Beastly Bits #126

Um, you guys...this weekend was killa rad, and for many a good reason. Betwixt friend hangs, shows, parties, and a splash of something awesome (vague...yep), there is a perma-grin on my mug and it's not going away any time soon.



What better way to celebrate than with some bit stew! Eat 'em up now.



Go behind the scenes with Sia during the process of making her album, We Are Born. link


Free mp3's from participating Lollapalooza bands, via Spinner. link


Kanye went to Rolling Stone next... yo 'Ye, wanna come kick it in my apartment? link


Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz finally got married. link


My boy BetaTraxx drops in with a huge burner on the Kelis 4th of July fix-up front. Enter the sweat! Grab it for free below.



mp3: Kelis - 4th of July (BetaTraxx Remix)



UPDATE: Kanye West, Paris Jones and Who Is Really Using the Sample from Wicked's Popular?

One week ago, news of Kanye West maybe, possibly, definitely not really or whatever sampling Popular from Broadway's Wicked broke. It was of immediate interest, not only to myself, but to a whole lot of bloggers and musico writers. Now, it seems like there might be a bit of a shuffle in the mix. Literally. Like mixtape and mixed versions and hell, let's just get to the news.



Seems like California kid, Paris Jones, has garnered some attention, thanks to his mixtape, From Paris With Love, which dropped on March 8 of this year. On said release, (which you can stream in its entirety below, or download for free here), you'll find a song titled Popular, which basically sounds like the same beat that West can be heard playing around with in this video.


Now the rumors swirling this morning are that Paris is a Kanye protege and the beat was created by the latter for the former up-and-coming rapper. A little more research into the twitter feed shows Paris shouting out Kanye and his G.O.O.D. year, as well as conversing with Tony Williams, a dude signed to West's label. The plot thickens!


Sure it's all speculation at this point, but it sure does excite us. More details as they reveal themselves! In the meantime, stream that Paris Jones mixtape below. Good, nay G.O.O.D. stuff!




mp3: Paris Jones (featuring April Kelly) - Popular



Kanye West Might Be Sampling "Popular", from Wicked (and there's already a remix, kind of)

Whew, that's a long ass post title for something that "might" come off of Kanye West's upcoming album, Good Ass Job. Late last night, a short clip was tossed on YouTube, which shows Yeezy in the studio making some beats. And Broadway-philes will instantly recognize the song he's sampling/playing over. Me? It took a bit of research to figure it all out, cause I don't frequent the "great white way".



The award-winning musical, Wicked, has been on Broadway for nearly 7 years, and it shows no sign of stopping to be a popular staple of tourists and tenants of the city alike. Funny I mention its mass appeal and prominence. Why? There's a song in the show called Popular, and now that West has gone from college to registration, graduation and eventually heartbreak, he's now embracing his own status. Not like that was ever in question.


On a recent trip to Hawaii, Kanye hit the studio and played around with Popular as he sessioned out some new beats. Could this be a preview of something from his upcoming album? Maybe. Possibly. This remains to be seen.


And some dude named Flipboitamidles already went and rubbed up the song with an old Rhymefest and West tune. Honestly? I'm not mad at this mix at all. Grab it after the clip.



mp3: Kanye West - Brand New x Popular (Flipboitamidles Remix)


Kanye West (featuring Dwele) - Power (new song)

Yo Yeezy, where you been, brother? Hiding out, keeping his yap shut and apparently working on new material that's making our Friday heat the hell up, and it's still early! Earlier this month, rumblings started rolling that Kanye West would debut a new song during his Loop Dream Foundation's upcoming June 8 benefit. Charity y'all...cause it's out now, and it's generously slick and sick.



Power is a classic West work...hater shoutin' lyrics (fuck SNL!), a steady, if not yet again Jesus Walks-esque militant beat, and Dwele (you'll remember him from his Flashing Lights croons) coming in to sing a bit. Real talk, I'm digging this song like a beast this morning, and it's undoubtedly ready to burn a path through our blog-world. (hat tip to Rap Radar on the scoop)


Also, no quality piece of Kanye killers would be complete without a hefty sample. Mr. West goes the prog-rock route by looping up King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man.




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Dwele) - Power

mp3: King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man


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