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Judge Me: It's Trashy Pop Banger Time

With it being CMJ week here in NYC, there's an overabundance of extremely awesome music to see and hear over the next few days. So what better way to celebrate that, er well...step away from all the cool, than by letting you know which songs I have been losing myself in. And by losing myself, I mean "hey back off me, I'm so overwhelmed and just need some ridiculously awfully awesome trashy pop bangers to cleanse my mind". Yep, we're going there. This is the point in which I relinquish all credibility. Not that I ever had any, eh?




Go for it. Laugh at me for these selections, but here within, I give my reasoning as to why I'mm'a repeat these over and over and over again. So hushies, and pay attention to why these ladies bring out my inner bad (taste) grrrrrll.


mp3: Mya - Its My Birthday

Stop what you're doing and think back to a time when Mya was really relevant. Oh right. She wasn't. Some are saying this song is a tragedy and she should fade back into obscurity. I say turn this heat up to 11 and shout out the zodiac signs over this dark thumping beat that sounds like it's a lost cut stolen from Xtina's Bionic recordings. In others words...it's not love...oh baby, it's LUST.


mp3: Nicole Scherzinger - Poison

What sort of suckery is this? Well, it's not. That's what. Thanks to the "oh him again?" production panderings of RedOne, this is the penultimate trashy banger, and I love every second of it. I mean, these lyrics "that bad girl power I got // I'll abuse it tonight // cause tonight // got poison on my mind" is enough to send me in a frenzied fit each and every time. I have never wanted to be a gogo dancer harder than in every moment whilst this plays.


mp3: Kelly Rowland - We Can Do It

It was either this or Cascada's Night Nurse...so there you have it.







Beastly Bits #110

Oh hello there bits. Been a minute, and none too soon...

Beastlybits110 copy

...and away we go!


Memory Tapes are planning a conceptual film, and album. link


My pal, Alex, over at PAPER Mag chatted with Kelly Rowland. link


Wiley's giving away 180, yes ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY, songs via twitter. Go! link


Tokyo Police Club and ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) team up for the band's latest video. link


Johnny Dynell's Carnegie Hall Remix of Scissor Sisters' Fire With Fire is something all sorts of awesome. Grab it.


mp3: Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire (Johnny Dynells Carnegie Hall Remix)


Beastly Bits #105

Oh hi there. Come here often?




I do! And I'm all bitten  up...and it feels so good.



Rad lil' interview with Surfer Blood. They discuss twitter groupies! I want some. link


Don't know who the band Is Tropical is? Mind-bendingly cool tunes you can learn about here.


Kid Sister comes to Santos Party House on July 8 and you can get discounted tickets by using the code MiracleGrip at this link.


Check out Helmet LeFunk's new site, EUROPOPPED. He's a friend of a friend, and he's got his fingertips on the touches of all music things 'cross the pond in a rad way. link


Real talk. Kelly Rowland's self-titled 3rd solo album, due out September 21, is shaping up to be my guiltiest of "WTF" pleasures of the year. Especially with songs like Each Other, which is a free one for you to snag below.



mp3: Kelly Rowland (featuring Rico Love) - Each Other



Kelly Rowland - Shake Them Haters Off

You might be a bit surprised if I told you that the song I've played most frequently this week comes from Kelly Rowland. Whoa beast, whoa, right? In actuality, if you know me well, then this comes as no shock to you. With a light piano intro that slinks into a shit load of hand-claps over a jumpy beat, Ms. Rowland's clear vocals coo my new mantra: "Wake up in the morning, turn off my alarm, and give a stretch and yawn, and start shaking haters off!"



According to sources, Shake Them Haters Off will be Kelly's first official single pending her upcoming, as-yet-to-be-titled or given a release date, album.The track will begin to receive radio play on June 15 with more details on official remixes and release dates for the single still pending.


This eclipses Commander and On & On as the initial output, even though the former has already been given a music video rub. No mind though, Haters is a fun and free summa jam that just makes me smile.


Ok, commence the ridicule now...cause I'll just shake yo hate off, mm hmm!


mp3: Kelly Rowland - Shake Them Haters Off


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