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Bad Tunes We Beast Over: Timbo, Ms. Keri and Scherzy Say Don't Hold Your Breath

How odd is it that I really really like this song, in both versions? It's not. Song is called Don't Hold Your Breath, which we'd heard months and months ago but now there's another version, and basically it's blah blah blah, but it's hitting a lot of sweet spots in my cold lil' beastly heart.


Keri hilson


Timbaland and Keri Hilson's version slightly edges out and wins this shitty battle, if only because this is like Nicole Scherzinger's 50leventh single with no sign of a full album to ever come. I guess you can say "don't hold your breath" for that to ever happen.


Whatever... it's "overproduced crap r&b that I love" o'clock.






mp3: Keri Hilson (featuring Timbaland) - Don't Hold Your Breath

mp3: Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath




Recap: T.I. Played at Capitale for AXE Music's One Night Only Concert Event

If there was ever a single, short and stacked spitter that made me so weak in the knees, that distinguishing honor would go to T.I. Far be it from me to note that he just got himself wifey-ed (he'll always be a single stud to me), but we're not here to talk rings and things...no, we're aiming to dish on the 3+ hour performance that the rapper put on last night at Capitale, as part of  AXE Music's One Night Only event. If you stalk twitter, you may have seen a bevy of jawdropping tweets from those in attendance, and all warranted the gasps, oohs, and aahs that kept a'rolling out.




Bringing out his best buddies and beauties, TIP ran the gamut between songs both new and old (reminder: King Uncaged comes out on September 28), in a set that spanned 30 cuts and a guests that made you go "oh wow yes".


Starting off with the fitting track, I'm Back, the dude was a nonstop whirl of sweat, spit, sex and stealth moves as he entertained in this, his first live show since getting freed from the pinstripes. Yep, this being his premiere post-prison performance, the rapper seemed not ot have missed an steps as he brought out the likes of Cam'Ron, Mary J Blige (yeah!), B.o.B., Keri Hilson, Swizz Beats, Maino and a number of his homeboys to brrrraapp into the mic.


Highlights included the inclusion of Ms. Mary J, along with the crowd pleasers Live Your Life and the current chart-topper, Got Your Back, with the aforementioned Hilson.


Special thanks to Edelman, AXE and Sarah for hooking up a super amazing evening. Video of Live Your Life can be checked out below, and the full gallery of images reside right here.


Ti mary j

Ti hat


mp3: T.I., Keri Hilson and Twista - Got Your Back (Remix)





T.I. (ft Keri Hilson) - Got Your Back (new video!)

My birthday isn't for another six months, but I already know what I want: a revolving wall panel platform with a smooth dude on the other side. And we'll probably add on to that the fact that said man would have to recreate this video with me. Yep...facts. 



In real news...T.I. just unveiled his clip for Got Your Back, the sweet ditty he's done with Beaston-fave Keri Hilson. I'm so into the song, I dig the video, and I love these two artists on some next level ish. 


Join in my swoonfest by watching the visuals now. I got I got I got I got your back, boy!


T.I.'s King Uncaged is out August 16.





mp3: T.I. (ft Keri Hilson, Bow Wow and Birdman) - Got Your Back (Remix)




Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez

Today's "just 'cause" post comes from Bei Maejor and Keri Hilson. The song is called Gamez, and it's got a nifty lil' Nintendo blip beat backing the sweet vocals of Ms. H and Mr. M, the latter of whom is fresh off his mix of Ciara's Ride.



Just cause I love Hilson so much...here's the song. Also, Maejor's doing some smooth work too. Not mad at this.


Plus, the Mario Bros. coin flip sound that bleeps out the "swears" in the chorus is 100% awesome.


mp3: Bei Maejor (featuring Keri Hilson) - Gamez



Trina (featuring Keri Hilson and Diddy) - Million Dollar Girl (new video!)

If you needed any further proof that Keri Hilson steals every track she guests on, Diddy continues to serve up moot points, and Trina still holds a place in our hearts, then let the newly debuted video for the latter's Million Dollar Girl be a lesson in all of the above.


With the pending release of her 5th album, Amazin', on May 4, Trina has just unleashed the visuals for the lead single, which saw a proper release back in January. Truth be told, there's nothing too spectacular about the video, but as mentioned, if you'd like to validate my above conclusions, then go on and watch the video for Million Dollar Girl below.

Team Keri/Trina. 




mp3: Trina (featuring Nicki Minaj) - Dang-A-Lang (clip)

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