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Beastly Bits #24

It's been dubbed "snowpocalypse", "armasleddon", and plenty of snOMG's have been thrown around...but I like to think of yesterday as a much needed break from our daily technological grind. Sure, we did a bit of work, chatted with a super rad dude for an interview to be featured later this month, and ultimately watched more seasons of TV on DVD than we could have asked for, but now it's time to get back up to speed.


To rectify our absenteeism yesterday, there's a ton of really great info below. Like a ton. A verifiable snow drift of songs and stuff. I went there.


Rihanna debuted her video for Rude Boy. Wink (2:34 mark) at me again girl! Watch the colorful romp here


Kissy Sell Out's debut album, Youth, is available in the US on March 22, but you can download an album sampler here.


Want details on MGMT's new album, Congratulations.  Pedestrian has the details.


RIP Alexander McQueen. The legendary fashion designer's work appeared on and in many musician's bodies of work, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna.


Want some fun disco dance music to throw down to tonight? Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler DJs at le poisson rouge, with our buddies, Finger on the Pulse, supporting. Info here.


Want to win tickets to a major music festival, courtesy of SPIN? They aren't naming which one, but free is always good, right? Enter here.


Talk about overcoming odds! Brooklyn band, Ambassadors, are hitting Santos with a comeback show on February 18, after their keyboardist, Casey Harris, went through kidney transplant surgery. Also, Harris has been legally blind (90% vision loss) since birth. Go ahead and complain about your life now. I'll wait.


mp3: Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernaut Mix) 


Introducing: Tinashé

Being hailed as a "next big thing" would scare the heck out of me. On one hand, it's pretty rad to be considered as "ready to break out", but on the other, that's a whole ton of pressure. One cat, who's got his stuff together, while being lauded as a lad-to-listen-to is London cum Zimbabwean, Tinashé.


A brief intro, from the man himself, then we'll dive into the goodies.

I was originally shipped over from Zimbabwe so I could eventually grow to become a doctor/lawyer and wire money back home via Western Union. That didn't go so well...I blame/thank MJ. I smiled & nodded to avoid bullying over my African accent at school until the Eastenders elocution lessons started to pay off... I can now slip in between both rather seamlessly... I grew up in Hackney. I will always be a Hackney boy but I'm enjoying being in a state of flux. Life is bigger than London. I'm currently more in love with my guitar than I have ever been. I make guitar music. I am not ashamed to say l love pop music. That's what its all about for me. Good music fueled by the world around me.


Tinashé is releasing his debut EP, Mayday, on March 1. The title track is a fresh slice of innovative guitarpop, supplemented by a So Shifty remix of the song. Additionally, Tinashé teamed up with Kissy Sell Out for the track, Come On Over.

1. Mayday 2. Come On Over 3. Mayday (So Shifty Remix) Freebies for sampling are below.


mp3: Tinashe and Kissy Sell Out - Come On Over

mp3: Tinashe - Mayday (So Shifty Remix)

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