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CocknBullKid - One Eye Closed (new single, video and Kris Menace remix!)


After getting wind last week that CocknBullKid is readying her new single, One Eye Closed, for proper outing on November 8 via Moshi Moshi/Island, I feel back into the wonderful world of Anita Blay and things from whence forth they came. Forever a fan of her intricate and unique vocals and arrangements, we've long pegged her to break out and get all up in your playlist loving. Now, seems ever the time do so...




Blay notes: "The music I made at first was cool, but it was work in progress. There was only so far I could take it. I knew I was capable of more. I wanted to make music that reached people further than E9, or whatever the cool postcode is now."


That time is now, with her debut album, Adulthood, due out in spring of 2011. In the meantime, she's got that new single we're gushing over (stream it on her 'Space), but we're equally delighted to hit you with the Kris Menace remix, exclusively found here in the land of Beastonia. Lusciously wonderful, the fix is complete with two major beat sequences beginning at 1:47 and thus again at 3:11, but overall, it's Menace's mastery brought to fruition by his trademark compressed analogue sounds and the gorgeous vocals of CocknBullKid. 


The single is out, as mentioned, on November 8, and also features Jakwob's mix providing some menacingly seductive low-end and Complex with the adrenaline fuelled D+B beats. Additionally, the video for the single has just been released, and you can view it below.






mp3: CocknBullKid - One Eye Closed (Kris Menace Remix)



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