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Robyn: Remixed, Reworked, Reflipped

If you watch Robyn's iheartvideo performance here, you'll notice at the end, she says (as all artists who partake in the web series do) a bit about what she "hearts". Her quip goes, "My name is Robyn. I heart repetition, Rosie Perez and I heart radio." How cute! So in taking a cue from the singer, this post title definitely goes the repetitive route, alliteration, if you will. Also...mega radness. More "r" words...right on!



Keeping in tune with what's new, not only in her killa world, but also in the lives and ears of kids who dig her stuff so much that they want to put their own spin on songs and sayings, we dug for some new hits to get acclimated with.


First up, Far East Movement, the singer's All Hearts Tour-mates, took her song, Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do from Body Talk Pt 1 and did their signature re-flip stylings on it. The new jam is called Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Drink, and the "I like celery" part is about adorable as you can imagine.

mp3: Far East Movement - Dont Fucking Tell Me What To Drink (Robyn Re-flip)


Next up, I'll let DJ MAJR do the talking. “I love this track in its original form, but I wanted it to be more danceable. I picked up the tempo, laced in a backtrack from an old L.A. Riots remix of Scanners, and then manipulated the track’s lows, highs, and mids until my ears were content with it. I beefed up the bass, made the backtrack more bubbly, edited the shit out of it, and then cut up the track until I felt like I and gave it more of a rise and fall than the laced-in base track of Avicii.

mp3: Robyn x Avicii x LA Riots - Hang With Me (DJ MAJR Remix)


Lastly, a 10-minute beaut of a mix from Drop Out. His orchestral fix is smooth and sensual, and keep it locked through the whole play, because it just gets better and better.

mp3: Robyn - Hang With Me (Drop Out Orchestral Remix)




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