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Download This Now: Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Thierry Mugler Remix)

Yesterday, Lady Gaga unveiled a remix of an upcoming track (EDIT: Apparently confirmed to be titled Scheiße) from her second studio album, Born This Way, at Thierry Mugler‘s Fall/Winter during Paris Fashion Week. (via ctrl+c, ctrl+v of MuuMuse ... I didn't feel like writing that out)


Lady gaga born this way


Sooooo, that said...


...BEASTON APPROVED, in a major way.


And forget a stream. We likey da mpfrees.




mp3: Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Thierry Mugler Remix)





Brett Domino Performs Nelly Furtado Medley Using Household Objects

And instruments. But mostly, I'm pretty infatuated with Brett Domino's "hither come nerdish genius" interpretation of a number of top of the pop chart toppers. He's done Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, and now he's graced us with a medley of Nelly Furtado tunes that span her entire career. Check out the video now, which features the songs: Maneater, Promiscuous, Say It Right, Turn Off The Lights, I’m Like A Bird and Night Is Young; all whilst using objects like kazoos, iPhone xylos, keytars, shower heads, bucket tops and more. More amazing than you can imagine.








mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young (BURNS Vocal Remix)

mp3: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young




Lady Gaga's The Remix Out in the US Today

It's not as if Lady Gaga needs any more promotional pushes, or gosh, more words writ and wrought by this solo blogger, but it's been quite a while since I've actually taken the time to write something relevant about what's going on in her Haus lately. So here we go: she's got a remix album out in the US today, that has already sold over 500k units internationally. Power.



First, for posterity's sake, let's look back at when I first fell in love with Gaga the pop star, not the St. Jerome's stage-strutting burlesque performer we knew way back whence. April 2008, and yes, you are all free to belly-laugh at the nonsense that is/was my site layout at the time. And now, here we are today, with the world's biggest pop-star poised to become even more celebrated, now with 13 MTV VMA Nominations, if in fact, we count popularity and world domination by the number of cable statues one receives from said show.


Below, the list of awards she's going to win. I know, I know....


Best Collaboration: Telephone & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Female Video: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Pop Video: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Dance Music Video: Bad Romance
Video Of The Year: Bad Romance & Telephone
Best Art Direction: Bad Romance & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Choreography: Bad Romance & Telephone & Video Phone (Extended Remix)
Best Cinematography: Bad Romance
Best Direction: Bad Romance
Best Editing: Bad Romance
Best Special Effects: Bad Romance


If you think you'd like to add a few more pennies into Gaga's drop-crotch pants-pockets, then you can purchase your copy of The Remix here. Below is the track list for the effort.


It is pretty excellent, innit.


1.  Just Dance (Richard Vision Remix)
2.  Poker Face (LLG Vs GlG Radio Mix Remix) 
3.  Lovegame (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix ft Marilyn Manson) 
4.  Eh, Eh (Frankmuzik Remix) 
5.  Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix) 
6.  The Fame (Glam As You Remix) 
7.  Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) 
8.  Telephone (Passion Pit Remix) 
9.  Alejandro (Sound Of Arrows Remix) 
10.  Dance in the Dark (Monarchy ‘Stylites’ Remix)



mp3: Lady Gaga - The Fame (Glam As You Remix)



Beastly Bits #122

It's a beeeyooootiful morning in Beastonia. Gonna try this thing called "nobody gonna break-a my stride, cant nobody hold...me...down...". Oh no. I got to keep on moving...past all disgruntlers and lack of common sensers.



No dig at you, dear readers...bloggers got other jobs to maintain a beastly existence. Ok ok, enough gripes and enough Matthew Wilder lyrics. It's da bits!


Wyclef Jean may run for president of Haiti. link


M.I.A. might do a make-good free show for NYC HARD ticket holders. link


Caribou's new video for Sun is all kinds of amazing. link


Rihanna wants to do a "sexy duet" with Lady Gaga. Te Amo on Ma Ma Ma Poker Face? link


Latest guilty pleasure is Ne-Yo's Beautiful Monster, and our buddy Cosmic Dawn rubbed it over. Yours for free below.


mp3: Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster (Cosmic Dawn Remix)




Beastly Bits #114

Today's a big one, eh? Yeah, yeah it is, and I could not be more excited...




...because Belly of the Beast on EVR starts tonight. Premiere, launch, beginnings, etc...RADNESS! But first, a full day of music. And bits... 


Ana Tijoux's 1977 is the free iTunes single of the week. We already loved it once, but now we can dig it some more, and you can too. Go get it here.


Donate to ASPCA and Tokyo Police Club will toss you the video and two remixes of Wait Up (Boots of Danger) from RAC and DOM. link


Foals announce a MySpace secret show...in Australia. link


Hercules & Love Affair give some music recommendations to Dazed before hitting London's Lovebox Festival this weekend. link


Couple of new and old fixers that II think you might like to own. They are below. They are awesome.


mp3: Ne-Yo (featuring Lady Gaga) - Beautiful Monster (Craig Vanity Mix)

mp3: Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (SRC Remix)

mp3: Peaches - Billionaire (Drums of Death Remix)



Beastly Bits #112

Yesterday was a beast of a day...in about a million different ways. Some good, some meh, but all beastly one in the same.


Today will once again be a monster of a long one...but it's all good. Know why? Cause these sites rule and you should "fave" 'em right away.


Ali's Blog


First Up!






Zaber Riders


mp3: Swedish House Mafia x Lady Gaga x Congorock x Brad Walsh - ONE Monster (MORNINGSTAR Mix)   


Beastly Bits #109



Yeah, I'm back. Bits me...


The TRON soundtrack is due for release on November 23 and will be Daft Punk's first original release since Human After All in 2005. link


MAD DECENT and VICE party on Friday is free with RSVP here. Maluca and Bosco Delrey slated to perform, along with special guests.


The new Crystal Fighters video for In The Summer is a little weird and a lot of rad. link


Casiokids announce North American tour. Dates here.


Lady Gaga's track, Monster (my favorite from her latest output), finally gets a decent mix, from buddy boy Brad Walsh. Download it now.


mp3: Lady Gaga - Monster (Brad Walsh Remix)




Beastly Bits #99

One from a hundy...


...that's cool. You've been bitten.


Tiga talks his marriage to Peaches. For the movie they're filming. link


New Radiohead album due this year. Told you here at #10. link


Gaga and her guns on the cover of Rolling Stone. link


That Heaps Decent tune is pretty rad and proceeds go to underprivileged indigenous youths in Australia. Anywhere But Here is also being given away for free.


Jake Shears talks about Night Work, the album opener of the same name. They'll be going track-by-track talking about the tunes, so keep it locked. link


mp3: Heaps Decent (featuring MC Huz and The Riverina Crew) - Anywhere But Here



Beastly Bits #91

As promised earlier, here are today's most official and most beastliest of bits.


Tons of real kid work was done today, in order to prepare for a day out of the office tomorrow thanks to a date with Christina Aguilera. Yep, I'm going to go check out her live performance, and shit yeah, I'm pretty pumped. In the interim, get nasty with these nuggets of nice nice.


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' self-titled album is out today, and it is very very good. link


Lady Gaga debuted her new video for Alejandro earlier today. link


White Arrows are playing Mercury Lounge on June 22. Get a ticket here.


Back in November, we debuted Sky Ferreira's cover of Stevie Nicks' Stand Back. Today, we've got Skeet Skeet's Big Room Mix to offer up. Grab it below.


Casiokids' debut, Topp stemning på lokal bar, is out in the States today. Go grab it here, cause it's a summer must-own and definitely Beaston-approved.


mp3: Lady Gaga - Dance In the Dark (Monarchy Stylites Remix)

mp3: Sky Ferreira - Stand Back (Skeet Skeet Big Room Mix)


Be[a]st Remixes (Snoop, M.I.A., Gaga, etc...)

Much like the last Be[a]st Remixes installment, it's come to that time when the inbox needs a proper sorting out and this is the perfect way to go about doing so.



First up, our pals The Fur tackle Snoop Dogg and Cudi's That Tree. Highly listenable, even more-so than the original, in my honest opinion.

mp3: Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi - That Tree (The Fur Remix)


The Sound of Arrows haven;t been in hiding. No, they've simply been in the lab working on this mix of Lady Gaga's Alejandro. Look past her lackluster performance of the song on last night's American Idol and simply groove out to this dreamy dish.

mp3: Lady Gaga - Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix)


Mad Decent homeboy, High Contrast, eats up M.I.A.'s Born Free and spits out a drummier surfed out mix of the song. Nice option to the original.

mp3: M.I.A. - Born Free (High Contrast Remix)


Two neato drops on Penguin Prison tracks for you. 1-O.A.K. handles Something I'm Not, while Shook jumps on The Worse it Gets. Both worthy of your time and your ears.

mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)

mp3: Penguin Prison - Something Im Not (1-O.A.K. Remix)


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