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Creep (featuring Nina Sky) - You (new video!)


Love 'em all. Great new song and striking fresh visuals from Creep and Nina Sky.








Win Tickets: Scissor Sisters and Lauren Flax at One Step Beyond this Friday February 4

How late in the game could I have possibly waited to get this up and out? Well, the good news is that I've got two (2) pairs of tickets to catch Scissor Sisters and Lauren Flax spin some ditties at tomorrow's installment of the monthly American Museum of Natural History-housed One Step Beyond party. No more talky... more winny! (entry details below)


Scissor sisters


To enter, simply copy and paste this lovely tweet (make sure to follow us so we can DM you not if, but WHEN you win), and hit send to be automatically entered.


yo @sheenabeaston gimme gimme gimme those tickets to see @scissorsisters tomorrow @AMNH for one step beyond!


Contest will remain open until tomorrow Friday, February 4 at 9am ET. Winner will be selected at random and notified via direct message.



mp3: Scissor Sisters - Might Tell You Tonight 




CREEP Guest DJ Set on EVR's Belly of the Beast Tonight

Dudes... my weekly radio show is about to get all sorts of weird and wild tonight, when the super duo of Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, aka CREEP, hit the East Village Radio studio for an interview and exclusive guest DJ set.


Creep beast


I was going to write more, but shit, I already took care of that HERE. Hooray for double duty.


Listen live starting at 8pm ET tonight.



CREEP (featuring Romy Madley Croft) - Days (Deadboy Remix)





CREEP: Dark and Daring at Knitting Factory

Known in many circles and on countless dance floors are Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, the two disc-spinners have been prepping everyone's ears for their latest project, CREEP, by tossing out teaser vids, remixes and blasting the digitial world with previews of their live debut. As part of Northside Festival, the pair took the stage on Friday night at Knitting Factory...cloaked, colored and ready to creep us out.



Shrouded in black hooded robes with face paint to match, the duo soared through a journey of lights and imagery, soundtracked by their spooky blend of trip-hop and cinematic tones. There's an indefinably touching quality about what you hear throughout their set...something best experienced live and not done justice by my words.


Chalk it up to the gals' vast musical talents, but this is the perfect way to get bone-chillingly freaked the hell out.


Live footage from CREEP's set is below a few more pictures, of which the full gallery can be viewed here.








mp3: Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (CREEP Remix) 




Lauren Flax and MK (featuring Carrie Wilds) - Stronger Now

Lauren Flax has long been a staple of our playlists...thanks not only in part to her stellar remixes, but her equally sublime original tunes. Coming off the fantastically-rad and house-lovin' tune, You've Changed, which features Sia on vocals (loved so much by the Aussie singer that she reworked the track for her own upcoming album), Flax comes back again on the DJ's Are Not Rockstars label with a gem daddy of a dandy banger.



When You've Changed was properly released, the remix package came equipped with a fix from MK, from Nightcrawlers and Pitbull fame. Together with the producer, Lauren hooks up with he and the sensational vocalist on the rise, Carrie Wilds, for a new original: Stronger Now.


Coming straight off of her recent work with Drop The Lime and Crookers, Ms. Wilds slinks her sultry vocals over a nostalgically-awesome lounge house beat that goes down so freaking smooth. The first release includes remixes by label mates Alexander Technique, DJ Tombstone, recent DANR-signee Beckwith, Lazy Ants and Bare Noize. 


Stronger Now is set for release on May 25 here.



mp3: Lauren Flax (featuring Sia) - Youve Changed (MK D-troit Mix)




MEN - Credit Card Babie$ (Stereogamus Bath House Remix) [new video!]

Been a hot lil' minute since MEN came popping into Beastonia, so here we go with a brand new video for their super infectious jam, Credit Card Babie$. A while back, we loved up on the Stereogamus Bathouse Version of the song, and with some colorful new visuals, we have every reason to give it the one-two spin again today.



In this video, directed and produced by Frankie Martin, the remixed sounds of MEN see a ragtag crew of characters dancing all over the city. Special effects help comes courtesy of Alex Miller, with a mural by Maya Hayuk. Watch all the fun below.


Oh and NYC, get ready to dance your socks off...because MEN hits Brooklyn's Knitting Factory on June 25 as part of Northside Festival. Get a ticket here.




mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)




MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

This is a Beast's dream right here. First up, you take the "dripping with emotion" radness of a song I fell head-over-heels in love with last year, then you pair it up with a trio of dj-dynamos, and the resulting remix is, hands down (and sure, we'll prematurely ring it in now) one of the finest fixes you'll hear this year.



Let's bring in MEN and Tête-À-Tête, shall we? Yes, yes we shall. See, MEN is that nifty art-rock/socially-minded outfit that we can't seem to quit. So when I got word yesterday that the coolest lads in the land would be putting out their first official remix in association with the trio, I yelled "clear!" in the hopes that someone had shock paddles to bring my heart back to regular arrythmia.


See, T-A-T are partially the boys with the brains behind Dinner With The Band, an IFC original series we've been raving about for some time. As part of their fall premieres, they invited MEN to join and "dish" it out with friends, fans and food. Neither here nor there, but this match up seemed like the recipe for success. (Yes, I went there...)


So when I got wind early yesterday morning that the boys' first foray into official mixery would be to tackle the tune, Simultaneously, I swooned without needing to hear a single beat. But then, I most certainly turned it on and turned it way up and had a "hey it's Monday, and I'm at work, but I'm going to dance anyway" sort of progression of time. 

And today again, I listened. Today again, I loved. Tomorrow, I'll go back to one and start again.


The track, along with our pal Lauren Flax's mix, is yours, for free, below.


mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)

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