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NightWaves - Sweet Carrie (LexiconDon Remix)


NightWaves, better known as Kyle and Josh of the famed Binary blog, are some of the raddest dudes you'll ever stroll and scroll across. Combining their love of yummy discowave electronica, the pair have oft-found a home here in Beastonia, and for all the right reasons. With a new tune, Sweet Carrie, that's been making us smile, what better way to celebrate these lads than by tossing out free stuff. Everybody wins.



Earlier this week, I touched on the fact that the new track had an awesome accompanying video, but it really did not do the song, or the boys, any beastly justice. So to remedy, we're premiering something pretty slick.


We're tossing out the LexiconDon Remix of Sweet Carrie. And get this...it's actually the first mix that LexiconDon has ever done as a band! Fabian produces all of their originals, but he and Alex worked on this remix together, which in and of itself, is pretty cool.


The original tune just came out via iTunes, so cop it here, stream it below and download your gift afterwards. Mmmmm...generosity takes so good.




mp3: NightWaves - Sweet Carrie (LexiconDon Remix)


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