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Cocknbullkid - Cocknbullkid (new name and song!)

No, I didn't slip up and type the artist name and song as the same bit. Anita Blay, formerly known as thecocknbullkid (and also known as a beastly-favorite of ours), decided to freshen up her moniker. So, sans "the", let's introduce ourselves to Cocknbullkid. Also, we're gonna get familiar with a self-titled song that's making this shit-filled day all that much lighter. Thanks girl.



As Blay notes: "I have dropped the ‘the’ from my name. So I’m just Cocknbullkid now. All still one word but not all lower case. So still pedantic but I could be worse." The song is, aptly-titled, Cocknbullkid. The self-referential track comes courtesy of production work from Liam Howe (Marina and the Diamonds' chief producer/writer) and the talented hands of piano-pioneer, Gonzales.


A touch of "Alice in Wonderland-esque" lyrics about taking pills to make ya big and small fit nicely with the light and breezy track.


Yours, mine and hers below.


mp3: Cocknbullkid - Cocknbullkid 

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