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Beastly Bits #106

I feel like I have a fever of the same degree...106. Well, in actuality it's not so high...




...and if one more person asks me if I need cowbell for the fever, slaps will be administered. Along with a nice dish of the bits. Cheers! 


Lourdes, Lola, Madonna's daughter, or whatever you want to call her has a fashion blog. link


Pedestrian chats with Peter Hook about the lost Joy Division tapes. link


Perfume Genius is playing Glasslands on July 23. I'mm'a go to this. Are you? link


Hot Hot Heat announced a national tour. Check out the dates here.


Our buddy BetaTraxx (formerly Redlight), got his original tune Foxtrot mixed up by our other pals, LightsoverLA. Friends and free and awesome! Song is below.


 mp3: BetaTraxx (featuring Kendahl Gold) - Foxtrot (LightsoverLA Remix)


HURTS - Better Than Love (new video!)

I had a whole post written about the subsequent remix that of HURTS' Better Than Love that I'm including in this post, in addition to some notes on the theatrical trailer they've released for the single...and then that all went to pot as the Mancunian duo has just now released the official video for the song. Edits, edits and more edits. We'll deal...cause this is good.



Perfecting the art of subtle sexuality and the steamiest of held glances, Theo makes quite the balleted-enthusiast and protagonist in the clip for the band's lead single. Better Than Love is a slightly more driving and powerful pop tune when compared with tracks like Wonderful Life and Blood, Tears and Gold, but the raw emotions and passion in Hutchcroft's voice remain steadfast.


So that remix we mentioned up above? Yep, LightsoverLA worked out a great fix of the tune that doesn't deviate too far from the original, yet strays just far enough to reach the twinkling lights and hand claps we love within.


Watch the video below and grab the mix for free after that.




mp3: HURTS - Better Than Love (LightsoverLA Remix)




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