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Beastly Bits #95

Today feels like it's gonna be a good one. Anyone else in that frame of mind this morning?


Let's put our hands together, slap a smile on our faces and have a beautiful day.


The Avalanches will drop a new album later this year. link


Klaxons announce new album title, tracklisting and release date. link


Watch Lissie do Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness at last month's Great Escape Festival. link


New mash from Mochi Beats is down 'dere for you to snag. Major.


We Plants Are Happy Plants remixed The National's Afraid Of Everyone. Get it!


mp3: The National - Afraid Of Everyone (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

mp3: Mochi Beats - Time After Romance (Lady Gaga x Cyndi Lauper x Three 6 Mafia)


Lissie - When I'm Alone (new video!)

Just last week, we began a mini-swoonfest for Lissie. Having already been an admirer of her smoky tones, she wowed us with her performance at Great Escape, including a duet with Ellie Goulding (watch here). Now, she's back, but this time, it's an official music video. Awesome.




Having impressed those Stateside and across the pond, Lissie debuts the video for When I'm Alone. The song can be heard on her freshman offering, Catching the Tiger, which sees a UK release on June 22. (You can pre-order the import here.)


She'll release the UK single, The Sleep, on the same day.


In the meantime, enojy the clip below. Equally great is her live rendition video of the song, which can be viewed here. So good. 




mp3: Lissie - On My Chest (Morgan Page Remix)



Lissie and Ellie Goulding - Everywhere I Go (Live at Great Escape Festival - video!)

Ready to up your swoon-meters? It's been quite a bit since I've writ about Ellie Goulding, after her lackluster debut album (rushed much?) left me at the verge of wanting and wafting...generally speaking, tossed to the bottom of a pile of much more matured sounding albums since its release. Forget all that haberdashery though, because in comes Lissie to save the day, and hey, Ms. G's tipping a bit of the rad scale too!



Together, the two gals hit the stage during Lissie's set at the Great Escape Festival on May 15. Pairing up for Everywhere I Go, the flaxen-haired singers combine for a perfectly harmonic and lovely rendition of the song, that has me hitting play over and over again.


Makes me want to cry it's so good.


Watch now, then pre-order Lissie's debut album, Catching the Tiger, here. It's out June 22.




mp3: Lissie - Everywhere I Go


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