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Pretty Good Dance Moves (featuring Lissy Trullie) - Bad Habits

First off, you get my attention with the band name Pretty Good Dance Moves. Then you go and add my vocal crush, Lissy Trullie, and it's pretty much set in stone that you're gonna find a fan in this Beast here. And that's precisely where we land this afternoon...swooning on PGDM's latest romp. 




So how did these Brooklyn and Chicago bros come about snaring the inimitable pipes of our beloved Lissy? Here's what the synth-laden lads had to say...


"Someone turned me on to Lissy Trullie a little while back and I immediately became hooked. After doing some digging around I found the Dazed Magazine video for her track Self-Taught Learner online and quickly forwarded it over to Aaron (Allieta) back in Chicago … Aaron and I recently got together to cut a new track that was originally supposed to be a collaboration with someone else but every few hours while in the studio one of us would say "Lissy girl would be perfect for this part". Eventually we said…let’s just send it over to her and see if she digs it. Within a few weeks she was in an NYC studio cutting vocals. Lucky us." 


mp3: Pretty Good Dance Moves (featuring Lissy Trullie) - Bad Habits


Lissy Trullie Shatters the Ceiling at Glasslands

Long fans of the NYC-via-DC native, Lissy Trullie, Friday March 26 saw this Beast brave bitter weather, a nasty head cold and draining technology to catch a late night set from the copper headed chanteuse. Thankfully, our efforts were not in vain as the rad rocker and her band turned out a sharp set, played to a packed crowd that saw the likes of St. Vincent, members of The Strokes, Chairlift and every other hip city kid in attendance.


With but a simple 6 track EP that came out early last year, and saw an outing later in 2009 for the UK audience, Trullie wrangled a set of steady fans with tracks like Self Taught Learner and Boy Boy. The precise cover of Hot Chip's Ready For the Floor was an instant attention grabber as well.

As for the live performance, Lissy and the lads are warranted the same respect given to recorded songs. At times meshing between early 60s motown vibes with a beach rock touch, the band offered up crisp renditions of cuts from the EP, along with a few newer tunes. Proving that she's got the balls to bang it out with the boys, Trullie led her troupe through a slick set that had many a fan excited for what the talented titian will do next. (full set of pictures can be found here)

Set list as follows.

Forget About It

Ready For the Floor

Don't to Do


Self Taught Learner

You Bleed You


Boy Boy






mp3: Lissy Trullie - Forget About It

mp3: Lissy Trullie - Ready For the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)

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