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Introducing: Lola Dutronic

French-pop, Euro-disco, lounge and electro. Those are the genres that Lola Dutronic, who split time between Toronto and Berlin, dances effortlessly around. The feelings expressed within this duo's music however, paves way to all sorts of pretty pictures and definitions...let's say touching, pensive, passionate, sentimental...but most of all loving. Get ready for the gorgeousness, because you cannot block the beauty of this.



Shame on me for just now getting introduced to the soothing tones of Lola Dee and Richard Citroen. Their debut album came out in 2005, they'd once been featured on "The L-Word" and were even up for a Grammy nomination in 2007. But looking ahead, it's their stunning new EP, Musique, that we're reveling in.


Seeing it's proper release last week, Lola Dutronic offer up 7 tracks of lush sounds, anchored by the spectacular lead song, Beautiful World. There's no reason for me to envision an afternoon filled with anything but the lovely sounds pouring out of Dee while a traditionally cinematic score whisks me away into a sultry land of hot foreigners with accents, who smoke cigarettes while staring longingly at one another. Legit, this is really good.


And there's a video to boot. Give me old films and flicks in black-and-white to take the eyes to wonderland any day. 


Watch it now, and then go buy Lola Dutronic's Musique EP here.




mp3: Lola Dutronic - Au Revoir



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