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Win a Miniature Tigers T-Shirt!

Just yesterday, I writ a bit about Miniature Tigers and their upcoming string of tour dates, one of which takes place here in NYC on May 29. But just one little hit of awesome info isn't enough, now is it? Hell, let's give away some free shit!



Apparently the boys are big fans of LOST, a show I can proudly say that I have never seen even one second of. So all of you Lost-philes can go pound salt and talk about it with each other. But wouldn't you want to do that while wearing a rad DHARMA tee from Miniature Tigers. (after a little research, I found that DHARMA is something integral to the plot-line...it's also the name of the shirt style...fitting.)


Want to win this killer shirt? Read on for details. (Also, pre-order their album Fortress here.)


Want to win the Miniature Tigers DHARMA T-Shirt? If you've frequented the contests here before, then you'll know we are cerifiably "twitter-crazy". So start by following us if you aren't already...winners get notified by DM, and the only way we can send you a beastly congratulatory message is if you're on board our tweetable train.


Next, simply copy and paste the below message and hit send in whatever tweeterrific application you use (we're partial to TweetDeck ourselves...)


yo @sheenabeaston, i wanna look sexy in a miniature tigers t-shit. also lost is cool, but i'm only saying that because i want to win!


That's all you gotta do...easy peasy. Contest will remain open until 9pm on Sunday May 23...that's when the LOST finale is, so I'm giving you enough time to hit me with your tweets, without missing the show.


mp3: Florence + The Machine - Galaxy Of The Lost



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