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Beastly Bits #40

We're still riding a high thanks to the pleasantly warm weather here in NYC. Rad shows are coming to town more frequently and SXSW is but a week away, for all you Austin-bound beasts. Yep Spring is definitely in the air.


We're stoked, I'm sure you're psyched...hell, let's get some goodies real quick so we can get on to the rest of today's radness. 


RIP Corey Him.


Want to see the official trailer for TRON: Legacy, with the Daft Punk score? Check it out here, and if you go to the theater this week, take your 3D specs and hope for a widescreen wow. Saw it last night in the cineplex, and holy yeah!  


Earlier this week we went nuts for Kavinsky's new jam, Nightcall. Our pall MMMatthias took it upon himself to crank out a killer fix of the track, and hey, we're dishing it out to you for free down below.


Tickets for Foals' UK tour are getting gobbled up right quick, so check out the full list of stops then get your in here.


mp3: Kavinsky (featuring Lovefoxxx) - Nightcall (MMMatthias Remix)


Kavinsky to Release New EP: Nightcall

Supplioer of all things radly-electro house, Frenchman Kavinsky is providing us with a wash of warm and shiny good feelings this morning. With an EP due out in a week, the Recordmakers-repped dude has got his hands on a 4-course meal ready to be eaten up.


Produced by Guy Manuel de Homem Christo of Daft Punk, Kavinsky's Nightcall is a fitting homage to all that 80s sci-tech movie outro music. Snagging vocals from CSS' Lovefoxx, the track is a downtempo slice of wobbly synths and whispery singing.

The EP will be out on March 15 (pre-order here), and it includes a remix from the mysteriously-unknown Dustin N'Guyen. Some arte claiming that it's an alias of Xavier DeRosnay, but we'll leave the skepticism and intrigue up to you. Full EP track list below.


1. Nightcall
2. Pacific Coast Highway
3. Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix)
4. Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix)


mp3: Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix)

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