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Ciara (ft Ludacris) - Ride (So Shifty Remix)

Far be it from me to place blame on anyone (honestly, a Beast's got no room to judge given the sorts of material that flows freely within these pages), but um, you guys, WHY hadn't anyone given me a heads up that one of my favorite remixers, So Shifty, took a tasty turn on Ciara's Ride? I mean, c'mon...this is pertinent information that needs to be spread 'cross all outlets. Remedying this gross oversight, oh, right about now.




Aside from the fact that I rocked a pretty ridiculous mashup version of Ciara for my Halloween costume, which was in part Like a Boy, in part Ride, and in whole WTF, I've already long been a fan of that latter song and clip, but now thanks to the German gents' fix, we can add a new swivel hippin' piece of heat to our playlists.


Love this like I know you will.




mp3: Ciara (featuring Ludacris) - Ride (So Shifty Remix)




Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix)

Ladies and gentleman, beasts, boys and girls...here we have now today's  "just because" post. Why this song? And why at this moment in time?



It's been well a year+ since I've heard this version of the song and thought it was forever lost when my computer crashed. Thanks to an old cell phone with a memory card (as hoarded by my brother) we're writhing around to its radness right now.


Prior to his realizing the secret stash of electronic oldies, I had legitimately pulled every web search imaginable to locate this...so yeah, victory is ours.


And yours.


mp3: Ciara (featuring Black and Ludacris) - Oh (Remix) 



Annie Mac - Sunshine Players 2010 Mix

How awesome is it when Annie Mac pops into Beastonia? Very. How much awesomer is it when we just copy and paste her words cause there's no time to waste when it comes it a rad mix like this? Beastly.



Here's what Ms. Mac has to say:


I have curated arenas for 6 Festivals this year, Rockness, Camp Bestival, LED Festival, Underage Festival, Creamfields and Bestival. 'Annie Mac Presents Sunshine Player's 2010' is a 43 minute delve into these line ups, bringing you classics from the likes of Aphex Twin, Major Lazer, DJ Zinc and Skream and new stuff from Jackbeats, Joy Orbison, Donaeo, Subfocus, Riva Starr and more. It's a chance to get excited for cider and fields and (fingers crossed) sunshine this Summer! really hope you enjoy x


And here's your killer track list of the mix. Download it here, or grab a select cut below.


Uffie - ADD Suv (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Uffie - MCs Can Kiss (Acapella)
The Krays - Ready When You Are (DJ Medhi Remix)
Wiley - Electric Boogaloo (Rivastarr Remix)
Cassius - Cassius 99 (Tim Green Remix)
Style of Eye - The Clown
Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor (Martelo Re-Edit)
Ms. Dynamite - Bad Gyal
Professor Green and Lily Allen - Just Be Good to Green (Greenomeny Remix)
Donaeo - I'm Fly (Annie Mac Dubplate)
DJ Zinc - 128 Trek
Donaeo - Riot Music (Shy FX Remix)
Jack Beats - Revolution
Ludacris - How (Caspa Remix)
Rusko - Hold On (Subfocus Remix)
Boy Better Know - Too Many Man (Skream Remix)
Chromeo - Night by Night (Skream's Sex Step Remix)
Aphex Twin - Window Licker (Acid Edit / Annie Mac Edit)
Joy Orbison - J Doe
Boys Noize and Erol Alkan - Avalanche


mp3: Ludacris - How Low (Caspa Remix)


Beastly Bits #79

I'm fixin' to get Crushed tonight...are you?


Either way, there's a ton of awesome awesomeness happening in music town. So let's drop some knowledge.


Metallica wrapped up their current run of European dates last night by letting the crowd decide part of their setlist. link


Kate Moss shimmies along to The Strange Boys' Be Brave for TopShop. At the 1:26 mark you can see her butt, kind of. link


Friends Electric drop by with new song Wall Of Arms. Frankly, it warrants a full on post, but they're releasing a video for it in a few days, so we'll save our words til then. Grab the song below.


I know it's been out for a hot minute, but I finally (on the late tip) got serviced Lloyd Banks' Beamer Benz or Bentley remix with Ludacris, The-Dream, Jadakiss and Yo Gotti. We go hard and we download for free.


Fyfe Dangerfield dropped by the East Village Radio booth for an acoustic performance yesterday. link


mp3: Lloyd Banks, Ludacris, The-Dream, Jadakiss and Yo Gotti - Beamer Benz Or Bentley (Remix)

mp3: Friends Electric - Wall Of Arms



Luda's Got Riddim...Do You?

Prepare yourself for a pleasure of guilty proportions. There's a reason that I've fallen into swoon-mode for Ludacris' track, My Chick Bad; and before you jump to conclusions, no, it's not solely because of the rad drop from Nicki Minaj, who we pined for earlier this week.


The noticeably-rad bass and string line used in Luda's track, from his upcoming album Battle of the Sexes, actually is a sample from Mixpak artist, Sticky

This past November, the London-based producer released his Jumeirah Riddim EP, from which Ludacris pays homage to the title instrumental by slowing it down and giving it a sexy hood swagger. Personally we're fans of Sticky's original, but normally that's the way it goes. Now if only we could get Miss Minaj to spit a lick over it, we'd be all set. (watch Luda's video here)

Via Sticky's EP, we're also treated to a vocal version featuring Natalie Storm, dubbed Look Pon Me. Watch the video here.


mp3: Sticky - Jumeirah Riddim


Nicki Minaj Makes Her Mark

If you weren't already convinced that Nicki Minaj is the "baddest Barbie in the game" right now, then there's a video a short scroll down that might make you think otherwise. But before we get to that, we're going on a "Minajourney", because yep, she's infiltrated Beastonia over the past year, and nope, we can't get enough.


The first thing you notice about Minaj, physically, is her distinct sense of style. The 5'2 Queens-born rapper and singer has a personality that shines through in her Mattel-esque attire, highlighted with an abundance of pinked-out girl gear. But it's beyond the "Minaj Mirage" of her being your little toy friend that makes her hit even harder.

Vocally, Minaj has found a niche in which she plays up her lighthearted and silly side by bending words and phrases, at times referencing "McDreamy", snot noses, ding-a-lings and yellow cabs, bringing a personal panache to her licks.

It's evident that she's on the right path too...with guests on tracks by Robin Thicke, Mariah Carey, Ludacris, Cassie and Usher, Nicki has the ability to outshine each of her higher-profile counterparts with a flurry of fast-paced spits and speaks. And to boot, she's found a fan in actress Michelle Trachtenberg. Watch the below video, as MT raps along to Minaj's verse on Thicke's Shakin' it For Daddy.



Nice work, Dawn Summers...or Georgina Sparks; whichever way you love your Trachtenberg, you're sure to dig her more now that she's upped her cred thanks to a trip the Holland Tunnel, accompanied by her best rendition of the sexy song.

Only thing we request from Minaj for the remainder of the year? "More, more more..." Nicki's debut album, Barbie World, is scheduled for a late 2010 release.


mp3: Usher (Featuring Nicki Minaj) - Lil Freak

mp3: Cassie (Featuring Nicki Minaj) - Fuck U Silly


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