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HURTS' Wonderful Life Single to be Released on August 16, Album News and New Remix

Had a brief break in HURTS-ing you over the past few weeks, but with this piece comes the ushering in of official news...great, rad, awesome news even. But then again, when haven't I been super geeked to reveal some bit of info surrounding the Mancunian duo of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. Hey HURTS, bring on the pain!



First note of worth: HURTS will release Wonderful Life as an official single on August 16. This comes as their sophomore release after Better Than Love, which has been popping up on the UK Dance charts since it's unveiling.


Second bit you need to know: looks as though HURTS will release their self-titled debut album on August 23 in the UK (as per Amazon), and maybe possibly even on September 6 in the US under the title, Happiness (as per their Wiki). Either way, the boys are coming and it is going to be oh so amazing. I guarantee it.


Third and lastly: this coincides with point #1. There's a remix of Wonderful Life from Mantronix, and it's all I've had on for the better portion of the hour. And now it can be yours too.


mp3: HURTS - Wonderful Life (Mantronix Remix)


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