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Marina and the Diamonds - Radioactive (Blood Orange Remix)

Much ado has been made about Marina and the Diamonds' resurgence to the tips of bloggers, well, fingertips. With teaser track / video for Fear and Loathing, she shortly followed up with "comeback" cut Radioactive, a surprising twist in her song repertoire whcih, we won't lie, has been hot on the repeat game over the past week. Now... whoa. Dev Hynes gets his hand in the mix and on the mic. Literally.




Earlier today, we over on the EVR.com homepage begain streaming Dev's debut disc under the moniker, Blood Orange. You can listen to some beauteous sounds of his at this link.


Or you can gear your ears with his sublime spin on Marina's new Stargate-produced single below.


We love it.




MARINA +THE DIAMONDS – “Radioactive” (Blood Orange Remix) by Blood Orange 




Interview: CockNBullKid Matures into Adulthood

I'm pretty pumped for CockNBullKid to release her debut album. I mean, it's only been 27+ months since I first started loving up on her tunes, so with much awaited and baited breath, I've been patient for the freshman full length. Adulthood will see daylight in February of the impending year [read = not soon enough] but we've waited this long, and what's a few more months to hold out for what will surely be a major player in my repertoire. To get ready and get amped for what's to come, chats are in order, and it's Beaston vs Bull in this installment.




CockNBullKid is currently on tour with Marina & the Diamonds and Kele. She's covered tracks by both artists, which you can grab for free here and here respectively. Also be sure to check out her cover of Rui de Silva's Touch Me over on her 'Space. Loving that. Even better, watch CNBK and Gonzales (her album collaborator and producer) doing a live cover of Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills here. Most amazing!




SB: Describe CocknBullKid. I know it's your music moniker, but if you had to classify that term/phrase as a noun, or a genre of music, what would the definition of it be?
CNBK: Crying till you laugh and laughing till you cry.


SB: Talk about your earliest influences in the musical world. Did you grow up playing instruments, listening to mom and dad's old records, or what sparked the notion that "hey I think I need to be making music."
CNBK: It sounds cliche but as long as I can remember I have been into music. My parents don't own a musical bone in their bodies so I'm really not sure. My dad played loads of records round the house, so that probably had some influence. I also went to pentecostal church with  my Mum and younger brother. Music was a big part of that. Asides from that, I have harboured this ambition to be a singer and a writer.


SB: Over the past 2 years, a good deal of buzz has started to flow throughout blogs and online publications about your music. What's your response to the good dose of praise that you've been given for the material already out there?
CNBK: For every gushing review there's one saying your hair is shit or whatever. I try not to take it too seriously. I don't want to sound ungrateful to the people who have supported me though. I'm not really famous yet so I haven't read anything too bad or hyperbolic yet. But let's see what I say this time next year!


SB: Your debut album is coming out in February 2011. Talk about the process...writing, recording, working with Gonzales, etc.... it's been over two years since you first came out with initial cut On My Own, so how has the music evolved from then til now with the new material on the disc?
CNBK: I feel my writing has come a long since I first released On My Own in 2007. I always wanted to do something bigger, the album is quite unashamed and I'm proud of that. I got to work with great people like Gonzales who I clicked with immediately. He helped me to get back my focus for writing lyrics. I worked with Peter from Peter Bjorn and John- the Scandic have a great sense of humour so I hope that came across in the songs we did together. The album has taken a while and at times it was hard but it was never dull. Liam Howe ended up doing the production on most of the tracks. He is a big kid trapped in a mans body. We also clicked really quickly and he's very easy to work with.


SB: What happens next? More writing, recording, performing, etc...
CNBK: The warm up single One Eye Closed is out in the UK on Nov 8, then I go on a nation wide tour with Marina and the Diamonds. Then I do a few dates supporting Kele Okereke. Next single will be out after that then the album in Feb. 


SB: Quick questions: please pick one of the two options of eac

David Bowie or Giorgio Moroder

Basquiat or Warhol
Steak or Shrimp
NYC, London or Paris
Dying to go to NY, I just know I will love it. But for now gonna stay patriotic and say London.

8-Bit or Vocoder

ABBA or Adriano Celentano
Abba! Obv.

Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel
Damn, love them both but I'll say Coco Chanel.

Spring or Fall

High Fives or Thumbs Up
High Fives

Computer or TV

Radio or Record Player
Record Player
Champagne or Shots
Champagne schweedie.




mp3: CockNBullKid - Misery (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)

mp3: CockNBullKid - One Eye Closed (Aspirins For My Children Remix)





Marina & the Diamonds Cover Magnetic Man's Perfect Stranger on Radio 1's Live Lounge

This is on some next level operatic dirge effects. Marina & the Diamonds stopped by BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, and here's yet another fantastic cover in their ongoing series. (thanks rohin)






mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Perfect Stranger (Magnetic Man Cover)




Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Fred Falke and Pictureplane Remixes!)

It's Marina and the Diamonds' new single, Shampain, which is officially out now. Remixes come from Pictureplane, Sound of Arrows and Fred Falke.




You get a sweet lil radio edit today and another gem of an official slice and it is wonderful. Buy the single here.



mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Pictureplane Deep Dolphin Remix)

mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Shampain (Fred Falke Radio Edit)




Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Spun DJs Mad Eyes Remix)


Breaking my self-imposed "no more Marina remixes" rule, Spun DJs hit me up with a fix that's a little far out and goes to tip me just over the wall I've put up, so herein, we have a new wash of Marina & the Diamonds' latest single, Oh No!, from debut album, The Family Jewels. Don't you worry, this immediately found solace in my ears, so yep, we're all gonna get in on this rad action right now.



The London duo of Fred and CJ take a walk on the wild side with a fresh fix of the song that's full of some slinky auto-tuning, rubbery bum bumpers and a grinding flip that breathes new life into a track that we've heard in original form way too much, subsequently getting cut up and down and back again.


The blokes did up this new take with pal Mad Eyes, and hey hey, we're giving it to you right now.


Super win.


mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Spun DJs Mad Eyes Remix) [alt link]




Beastly Bits #129

In about 30 minutes, I'll be nonstop busy from that moment all the way through until Sunday. Ain't no rest for the wicked...




...or for the beastly. 



Here's an interview with HURTS. Sidenote: are Theo and Marina dating? Sources seem to think so... link


Lily Allen is pregnant. Oh boy...or girl. link


Surfer Blood chats to Dazed. link


New video from iamamiwhoami. link


I flubbed up when I posted the new Caribou remix of Silver Columns' Always On yesterday. So you'll find it below, properly.


mp3: Silver Columns - Always On (Caribou Remix)




The Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2010: Album of the Year Short List Announced

The Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2010 Albums of the Year have been announced. Speaking from The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, Lauren Laverne revealed this year's albums. After the announcements the crowd was treated to exclusive acoustic performances from Villagers, who played the rousing Becoming a Jackal, and Corinne Bailey Rae, who stunned the room with a captivating rendition of The Sea.



Without further ado...your 2010 Album of the Year nominees are...


Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions
Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation
Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
Kit Downes Trio - Golden
Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can
Dizzee Rascal - Tongue N’ Cheek
Foals - Total Life Forever
I Am Kloot - Sky At Night
The xx - xx


mp3: Biffy Clyro (ft Marina And The Diamonds) - Many of Horror (live) 



Marina & the Diamonds Make US Television Debut on Craig Ferguson

The Mickey/Minnie Mouse jumpsuit is back! Last night, Marina & the Diamonds made a debut, of the US television variety, on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Performing the hit single, I Am Not a Robot, Marina remains the picture of beauty and grace.



Marina also recently made her US radio debut on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. You can listen to the stream of the broadcast here


Reminder: tickets for Marina & the Diamonds' September 2 show at Webster Hall go on sale today at noon. Get 'em here!




mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Lovers And Gamblers Precious Little Diamond Remix)




Marina & the Diamonds' - Oh No! (new video!)

As mentioned last week, today marks the official video debut of Marina & the Diamonds' next single, Oh No! Also as reported, there are influences of 1990s cartoons and old "zany neon" MTV graphics...and they are wildly wonderful.




Girl went and got herself "Lichtenstein-ed". Killer.


If you weren't at Glastonbury, you can watch Marina's entire set here. Good on ya...kid who uploaded.






mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Sanna and Pitron Club Mix)



Marina & the Diamonds' Behind the Scenes Footage from the Oh No! Video Shoot

I promised myself I was going to chill on the Marina & the Diamonds' coverage until the lovely-voiced lass went and did something new and exciting that warranted my ramblings, raves and rants. While this bit of news ain't quite so "wowee zowee", it is pretty awesome to take a peek behind the scenes on the set of her newest video for Oh No!



In the below clip, we learn the following:


The video for Oh No! was directed by Kinga Burza. Marina notes influences of 1990s cartoons and the old "zany neon" MTV graphics. Burza said the concept of the video steams from the lyrics of the song which reference being obsessed with consumerism, success, money and fame. David Leighton choreographed the video and described the routine as quirky and "very bubblegum pop".


Oh No? Oh Yes! Chew on that.


The official video is out next week, but the single won't hit stores until August 2. Pre-orders happen right here.




mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Active Child Remix)


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